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What proof is there of Campman being his name?

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Just wondering, it seems like everyone suddenly went from saying "walkie talkie guy" to "Campman".
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  • or the wiki its just a temp name
  • I highly doubt that is his actual name; Telltale probably just gave the character a file name that is indicative of who is, the leader of a camp perhaps, to avoid the issue of major spoilers getting leaked out via people who gain information from the files. They did the same with the guy on the radio, though they may be one and the same, and simply called him radio voice. Telltale knows very well that their files can get cracked by some fans and so make sure that nothing too essential is spelled out in them. That's why I wouldn't put too much faith into the file names as credible proof for speculation since Telltale can easily just call them whatever they want to throw people off should anyone gain access to those files.
  • They could have labled the file "Carley" instead of "Campman", and it likely would have been just as accurate. The file name isn't always what it is in the game.
  • placeholders, false information, misleading the gullible
  • Damn the fact that people did all that just to find out a guys name instead of waiting for the final part of the game to come out

    Shifting through files and code for a scrap of a clue. Go work for the Washington Post. They need some good investigating journalist instead of that garbage they put out now-a-days.
  • I think that people should just wait and be patient for everything the to come out and then you can find out then, instead of possibly ruining the whole thing for yourself. Campman is probably just a throw off name, but I'm not sure.
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