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What if Ben begged for you to pull him up?

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How drastically would the outcomes change?

I think i'd still pull him up actually.
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  • I can't just kill someone...i would've still pulled him up...He just reminds me SO much of my brother..
  • HiggsBoson2142;716279 said:
    How drastically would the outcomes change?

    I think i'd still pull him up actually.
    if he actually begged you, then there would be no option to drop him because, if you drop him he will most likely hold on you and make you either fall with him or hold until zombies will kill you ^^
  • Would have still pulled him up. There's no consequences for saving him which makes the choice pretty obvious for me, especially since I won't kill a guy for his mistakes

    If saving Ben had some consequences, like risking Christa or Vernons life, then the choice would actually be difficult for me.
  • I hope there's a reason to tell Ben exactly WHY you saved him in Episode 5. Reasons ranging from 1. Ben not deserving it (pro-Ben choice), 2. Because Carley/Doug died for him, and you didn't want to make their sacrifice worthless (Neutral option) or 3. You don't get off that easy (anti-Ben, want him to suffer by living in the ZA) or something. or 4, as always "..."
  • Dropped. Only pulled him up because I hate those "Let go of me so you can live!" type scenes. So cliche and half the time the person would've lived as Lee has shown.
  • I still would have saved him. Sure he's a bit of a screw up(a lot, really), but i don't think he intended for any of his mistakes to happen. As long as your heart is in the right place, you're okay with me. Even if i disliked him, i won't be the cause of his death for those reasons alone. He'd probably do himself in sooner or later, accidental or not.

    However... if he puts Clementine in danger again, i may have to feed him to walkers, one limb at a time. :mad:
  • I might have dropped him.

    Probably not though.
  • Would've dropped him. I pulled him up just because he was asking me to let him go.
  • HiggsBoson2142;716279 said:
    How drastically would the outcomes change?
    From my point of view he never meant to do anything wrong and thus my outcome would never change because in my opinion letting him fall was the most horrendous thing I could have ever allowed to happen, and thus I pulled him up, I dont even intend to go back after the game finishs and drop him to see what happens, i'm that against it.
  • If Ben would begged to me I would pull him up. My Lee it's not a cold blood killer.

    But he wanted to die to save us so... Now for me it's a hero and if someone asks for Ben to Lee I would answer that kid it's a hero, sincerely.

    I forgive him all mistakes he made and I will defend him against any complaining from Kenny.
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