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How come some of us said that we would kill Ben

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But when we finally got the chance to do so, some of us couldn't. lol
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  • As much as I hate him and his useless ass, I can sympathise because he's only a kid and I think he's one of the more realistic characters. How many of us are equipped to dealing with a zombie apocalypse if such a thing was to happen? Not many, I don't think. Most of us would screw up somewhere, one way or another. He's just a mega clutz and a bit of a moron, but his heart is in the right place. That's all that matters to me.

    When it came to the decision, it was not a tough one. I'm willing to give him another chance.. and hell, nobody deserves a death like that. Well, maybe the St. John family. ;)
  • "Deserve's got nothing to do with it."
  • I was exactly like that. I hated Ben with a passion. Infact I was hoping nobody else would get to rob me of the chance to kill him myself.

    When it finally came down to it I once again failed to fight my own morals of trying to help everyone with a lick of a chance. I think it made it even harder because he was actually asking for death. Whatever his final wish was, I wasn't going to honor it.
  • I failed to follow my own morals of trying to help everyone. Helped kill Larry because he never could have been saved in my mind, and it still hurt. My Lee puts the survival of Clementine, followed by the group as a whole, more than any single life. I saw Ben the same way I saw Larry. He couldn't be saved, and trying to save him would immediately put more lives in peril. It's hard being the "needs of the many" kind of Lee that I see mine as. In Episode 1 I was all "nobody else dies!" and all that, and even in 2 my first instinct was "help the stupid kids and the guy in the bear-trap even though the walkers are here". Man, how my Lee has changed since then.
  • Reflecting on things.... I think Ben was saved (in my game) the moment Clem said that he was her friend.
  • Yeah, Same happened to me...
    I didn't want to drop him because That wouldn't be a proper death! He should be eaten alive by walkers.
  • Haha! Well, I hated him most of the game, too, and I was certainly mean to him when given dialogue choices. But I play the game in a "what would I do" sort of way and quite honestly, I don't think I could just drop him, stupid or not. I'm glad I didn't drop him, though. One less hand to help if I did. Hopefully I don't regret it in Episode 5...
  • I never had the intention of killing Ben. These are my reasons why:

    - Ben never did anything to intentionally cause harm to the group. Most of his ideas... albiet bad, he thought he was helping the group. He should have consulted people before doing things.

    - He is young. He already lost all his classmates. No telling about his family.

    - Even though he made a bunch of bad decisions. That doesn't mean he is completely useless. Everyone deserves a chance of redemption. (Well some, depending on the circumstances.)

    - He had some information that enlightened the group about how the zombies come back to life. He mentioned no matter how you die, bitten or not. You will still come back. Which was unaware to everyone at the time.

    - Clementine liked him. And most of MY decisions revolved around how she felt. Some times it may not have been wise. But I did promise to help find her parents.

    - Ben isn't hostile and unfriendly like some of the past members of the team. I'd rather have him than Larry around.

    - We already lost 6 people (Carley, Katjaa, Duck, Chuck, Brie and Lily) Even though we just recently met Chuck and Brie, its still a loss. What would be the point of killing someone else?

    - Lastly he looked absolutely pitiful and remorseful whenever he did something wrong. Especially when he was begging to be dropped. I just feel he has yet to prove his worth. I have a feeling he will!

    Those are my reasons. You can agree to them or not. But I'm not heartless enough to drop someone especially after hearing them beg to be dropped.
  • Ben is the very definition of a Jonah - but I couldn't drop him and so, I have cursed my game and doomed my entire group to a depressing and gruesome fate.
  • "Gee Clem, I dunno where Ben is. The last I saw him, we were out on the back of the loco duscussing the bandit attack on the motel and how he wished it had gone better for us.."
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