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How come some of us said that we would kill Ben

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But when we finally got the chance to do so, some of us couldn't. lol
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  • "Gee Clem, I dunno where Ben is. The last I saw him, we were out on the back of the loco duscussing the bandit attack on the motel and how he wished it had gone better for us.."
  • I wanted Ben dead that much I didnt even bother to shoot the zombie that had hold of him , it was only playing it on a second save did I know about the whole conversation with Ben on the end of your arm thing . It did bother me though (not Bens death) that after I didnt shoot the zombie when I got back with the gang Kenny turns and says "Lee did what he had to" I was left thinking , eh I didnt kill him I just didnt take the shot (of course after playing a second time I realised I had been clubbed with those who dropped Ben) and then In turn I have to lie to Clem (unless of course you want to tell her that you wanted Ben dead) and say I did my best to save him . So on the third save I saved him to see that outcome , Save 1 : Lee and Kenny (he doesnt know I'm bit) . Save 2 : Lee , Omid and Christa (this save was based on helping Lilly and Kennys pissed at me , I've shown the bite) Save 3 : Lee , Kenny , Omid , Christa (and finally) Ben , I had Kenny bro speech on this save a nde I've shown the bite on this also . Basically I think if you show the bite Omid and Christa come with you if you dont they wont they say Omid is too unfit because they dont know youre injured they think you can cope looking for Clem on your own . Kenny will come if youve been siding with him through the game and well Ben will come (thats if you want him to) if you can be bothered to save him in the first place .
  • I dropped Ben like a hot potato
  • I bet most people who dropped him would be bigger f... up in an apocalypse than ben.
    I would save him no question

    (can someone tell me how to black out text?)
  • People say a lot on the internet, but in the end, getting rid of Ben is different to many other games. To have him leave, the player would have to become an outright murderer, a path many people (including me) weren't willing to go. I took a few seconds, looked Ben in the eyes, and even though I told him to leave the group a few minutes earlier, I always knew I'd pull him up.
  • lilTomTom;721872 said:
    I never had the intention of killing Ben. These are my reasons why:

    - Ben never did anything to intentionally cause harm to the group. Most of his ideas... albiet bad, he thought he was helping the group. He should have consulted people before doing things.

    - He is young. He already lost all his classmates. No telling about his family.

    - Even though he made a bunch of bad decisions. That doesn't mean he is completely useless. Everyone deserves a chance of redemption. (Well some, depending on the circumstances.)

    - He had some information that enlightened the group about how the zombies come back to life. He mentioned no matter how you die, bitten or not. You will still come back. Which was unaware to everyone at the time.

    - Clementine liked him. And most of MY decisions revolved around how she felt. Some times it may not have been wise. But I did promise to help find her parents.

    - Ben isn't hostile and unfriendly like some of the past members of the team. I'd rather have him than Larry around.

    - We already lost 6 people (Carley, Katjaa, Duck, Chuck, Brie and Lily) Even though we just recently met Chuck and Brie, its still a loss. What would be the point of killing someone else?

    - Lastly he looked absolutely pitiful and remorseful whenever he did something wrong. Especially when he was begging to be dropped. I just feel he has yet to prove his worth. I have a feeling he will!

    Those are my reasons. You can agree to them or not. But I'm not heartless enough to drop someone especially after hearing them beg to be dropped.

    7 if you count Molly. According to the voice actor of Molly, she did not do any voice acting for episode 5 which means she is either not in the game or if she is it would be a non speaking cameo. And if you left Clementine at the house and you failed to shoot the zombie in the head, she will be left for dead and basically confirmed to have been killed as well. (When Clementine asks what happened to Molly, there is a truth option as well as a lie option. The truth is "she died" while the lie is "she left")
  • I don't want to kill off any main character so that's why I saved Ben. That's also why I brought Lilly with me to the RV, saved Molly, and stayed neutral in the Ben & Carley argument.

    I killed Jolene because she looked crazy and killed Danny because he thought I would let him live to eat off of him, but everyone else I found no reason to kill. That woman who was going to get eaten by walkers I didn't kill because that would attract the walkers to me and I didn't kill Andy because everyone was watching. I also told Carley not to give the infected woman the gun because that would've been messed up. I told Kenny to kill Duck as I felt that was a parent's duty while I thought he shouldn't kill the zombie boy because he was already emotionally disturbed as he was and didn't want to make it worse.
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