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Paypal does nothing

posted by paradigm on - last edited - Viewed by 198 users
The other day I put in an order for Sam & Max Season Two and paid by PayPal. I was told I'd get an email confirming my purchase but I didn't. I've since gone back today to try again and it's still in my cart. Given it a second shot and the same thing's happened.

I had this problem with Season One too. I'm tempted to give the wire transfer a shot, although I expect currency-conversion issues - but can someone confirm that the two previous orders have disappeared into the ether so I don't end up billed three times :eek:

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  • I just took a look at your order, and I can't tell why it isn't going through. (You have not been charged, as far as I can tell.) What exactly happens when you try to check out? After you press the Checkout button (with the smiley face on it), you should see instructions for completing the PayPal part of the transaction with a "Buy now" button at the bottom, and when you click the buy now button, a new PayPal window should open. Are you getting that far?
  • I click the smiley-faced Submit Order button on the Verify Order page, and then briefly get a copy of the same page with the order summary (with price, tax, etc) asking me to hit the now nonexistent submit button. Before I can do anything though, it redirects to a page saying "Thank you for your purchase. Your order is currently being processed. You will receive an email shortly confirming your purchase and including delivery information." I certainly don't get any PayPal jazz appearing.
  • Could you please send me a PM with the email address you're using? I'm not sure if I looked up the right order.
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