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How do you play TWD?

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I've noticed a whole bunch of people on this forum have various saves, each with different scenarios. Does everyone do this?

I only have my one save, I feel it would really kill the immersion of the game to have every scenario ready to play and not have to worry about the consequences of your actions. I stick with the choices I make, even if I regret them. I think that's the way the game was designed to be played. So why the need for all the saves?
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  • I stick to a single save as well. I enjoy living with the consequences of my decision, and don't have much intention of replaying to see the different outcomes(i know of most of them anyway). Although occasionally i make a new save to check out a few obscure events(like the game over on the train in episode 3) but my first save is always my only playthrough.

    The only time i ever tried to change my save was when Carley died. I immediately jumped back to try to do anything to keep her alive but i knew there was nothing i could do before the scene even started playing again.
  • I have my main save that I use first whenever a new Episode comes out, which is with my instinctual reactions. I keep that and never overwrite it.

    I DO have one other save slot, in which the only thing I did differently was save Ben, so that I could take him and Kenny with me alone (I also had to hide the bite). But I'll be doing my main save first when 5 comes out, followed by the one with Kenny and Ben to see if the kid does anything to redeem himself.
  • I play on an Xbox with my one save, I want to replay it but not until the story has finished, otherwise I feel like it would cheapen my feelings towards the characters because I think that I would feel like I haven't really lived with my actions. This is how the game is meant to be played, so I don't really understand why you wouldn't want to wait for the story to end before playing again.
  • I only use one save right now because previously, the game deleted all my 3 saves.
  • i played through it 3 times but wish i only did the 1.
    like yall said, it cheepens the game
    season 2 will be played differently
  • I only play with one save, I like the idea of having to live with the consequences of my actions. But after I finish episode 5 I'll go back through to try the different outcomes. If Lee was going to be in season 2 I might have only had one save until the story finished.
  • I used one save for me. I used another save for my visiting son.

    I agree with the OP, immersion would be ruined for me if I changed my actions until the very end of the game. I did, however, make one regretful kill that was totally a mistake on my part. I misinterpreted the choices when it came to shooting the woman at the pharmacy who was surrounded by zombies.

    Unapparent to my future, it wasn't consequential.

    So, I'm going to stick with what I have until the end. No matter how imperfect my choices might seem, the selling point to me is that I feel in charge of the story.
  • One save, before and after my game glitched out to allow only one save.... heh.
  • My problem with having a Nice Guy Lee and a Scumbag Lee is that I'll only remember the Scumbag decisions because I do that later, so my entire opinion of the face is that from the perspective of Scumbag Lee, meaning I have to go back and play as Nice Guy Lee again.

    But, yeah, usually I have three saves; Nice Guy Lee, Scumbag Lee, and Silent Lee.
  • i had one save that was my instinctual decisions, the second save was my ruthless save(almost opposite but not always) then the third save i have as my experimental save for trying out different choices with no consistent motivation except what i want to see at the time
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