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S&M Season 2 under Windows 2k?

posted by keksausmainz on - last edited - Viewed by 622 users
Hi Telltalers,

I was pleased like santa when I heard Season two is coming. So just a question: Is it possible to play Season Two (like Season One, besides) under Windows 2000?

I hate XP and Vista, and I probably won't upgrade my computer. ;)
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  • I'm just another user, so I cannot tell you if Windows 2000 is supported (the system requirements suggest it isn't) but I'm playing the game under Windows 2000 without any problems so far.
  • 2000 isn't officially supported, but it might work. In the long haul, though, you're going to run into big problems with new games (everyone's games, I mean, not ours). Especially once DX10 starts becoming a requirement.
  • Games cannot require DirectX 10 if they have to work on Windows XP, so that doesn't become a problem until game vendors drop Windows XP support. Since a lot of people (especially home users) still use Windows XP I don't think that will happen in the short term. (For example, W3Schools reports a 75% market share for Windows XP, and around 5% for both Windows 2000 and Windows Vista!)

    This doesn't guarantee there are no problems with running games on Windows 2000, but since apart from the GUI there are few differences between 2000 and XP, many games just work on Windows 2000 or can be patched to work. There are, arguably, less compatibility problems with Windows 2000 than currently with Windows Vista. All things considered, I think Windows 2000 is still a viable option.

    If you consider upgrading to improve application compatibility, I'd definitely recommend waiting a year or so until Vista compatibility has improved considerably, instead of upgrading to Vista now (still many problems) or upgrading to Windows XP (which means you'll still have to upgrade to Vista when DirectX 10 becomes commonplace).
  • Just download and install the demo, it's a free and easy way to check :)

    I assume your win2000 install is fully up-to-date regarding service packs and directx ?
  • It works well. System is Windows 2k SP4, directX 9

    Splendid! Now I'm a Season One and Two customer, from the start :-) Hooray!


    I won't upgrade the system, because I'm really tired of this XP/Vista stuff. Besides, the only games I play are sam&max, mafia, gta vice city and rayman 2+3. And the web development tools I use don't require this newer os stuff :)

    This may be intolerant, but I hate these XP/Vista systems. Mostly I use linux, and even using Win 2k is a big inconvenience - but for sam and max I'll do it :D
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