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Bad French translation for Lego Batman 2

posted by Wyz83 on - last edited - Viewed by 369 users
I don't know exactly where I should report this.
I recently bought Lego Batman 2 to play with my 7 years old girl.
The story is quite short (comparing to Lego Pirates of the Carribean and Lego Harry Potter Years 5 to 7 we played before) but it's nice and it's fun to play DC super heroes in Lego.
However, I've noticed that the French translation, especially with the written text is not good. I saw typo ("evec" instead of "avec"), wrong translations ("dans la forme de" for "in the shape of" instead of "in forme de"). Also some characters don't have the right name, like "Flash" who is mentionned as "le Flash". Finally, the worst of all, "villain" is used everywhere (trophies, batcave computer) whereas the suitable term in French is "méchant").
I hope this message will reach the right person and that something can be done.
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