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Our Radio Guy Prediction: E5

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The whole radio idea is a nice twist to an already epic plot. Here is my check off list of people whom the voice is impossible to match. Following, I offer my theory on a few possible candidates.

The impossible list of radio voice subjects:

1. Kenny
2. Ben
3. Omid
4. Christa
5. Lee

All of the above characters are in the same room when the last radio transmission comes through on the Walkie -Talkie.

The 'Nah List'

1. Glenn - has no motive: may come back as a hero for the final group
2. Lilly - would need a voice changer
3. Molly - would need a voice changer
4. Vernon - Would need to be insane to taunt the group; he is not crazy
5. Diana - She told the answering machine, "Take Clem to Marietta", which is northeast of Atlanta. If she were to start looking for Clem, it would be at her home then on to Marietta.

The 'could be' list

1. A bandit - Possible but a bit out of the way for scavengers
2. St. John Brother - Possible but would go after Lee directly

The 'Easter Egg List'

1. Diana, Clem's mother could be alive. Clem's father is dead from being attacked. She has no motive to harm Lee or Clem. She could not be a hostage either, as Lee has grave doubt that either of Clem's parents are still alive.

2. A family member of Lee's dead wife - This is my best guess. Here is why it makes perfect sense....

The radio guy wants Lee. Clem is collateral. This is evident by the fact that we know the radio guy already has Clem in his possession. If Clem was all the radio guy wanted, then why threaten Lee in the end? There is no money, no power, or any other thing of great value except for Lee's own life. This is what the radio guy wants... Lee. He is using Clem as bait.

From what we know of the story, Lee was recently convicted of killing. The only person(s) with a motive to kill Lee is the family member(s) of the dead victim(s). A natural course of revenge is to avenge the death(s) by killing the one person responsible... Lee.

No other character, hidden or revealed, would make sense in E4. It would insult too many people to reveal that Doug (for instance) is the radio guy.
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  • I killed both of the St. Johns though, and I don't remember any other family members that were alive.
  • Ataaka;717911 said:

    2. A family member of Lee's dead wife - This is my best guess. Here is why it makes perfect sense....
    Is there actual facts as to whether Lee's wife is alive or not? Last time I checked, I thought Lee had said she was in Virginia or somewhere when talking to Shawn in episode 1.

    As for the radio guy, I think it's going to be a new character.
  • Just to clear up your "Nah" list, it isn't Glenn because he's a comic character. Lee and anyone else in that group will NEVER interact with him again. Ever.

    The radio guy is going to be someone that we as gamers haven't encountered before. It might be someone from Clem or Lee's past, but we haven't interacted with them before. We could speculate all day and probably still never come up with who it is. Everyone else that our characters have encountered is either dead (including people who have a CHANCE to be dead like both St. Johns, Andre the police officer in Clem's neighborhood, Chet etc.) or comic characters who will never appear again (Lilly as she was originally intended to be, Glenn, Hershel)

    It seems unlikely that it's anyone with a personal grudge against Lee though. It just wouldn't make sense or be plausible. The entire world ended, but this person hates Lee enough to track him all these months, see how Clementine was so important to him, some how pick up on the fact that they were heading to Savannah and get there to steal Clem away?

    I'm guessing it's just gonna be some nut job. Probably not even connected to anyone by any means.
  • Well, we all already know who it was.

    But I think it would have been AWESOME if it was a St. John brother. I was thrilled and really creeped out by the St. Johns episode, and even though it was way too intense at times, it was ultimately the most beautifully spooky episode yet.

    Plus, the voices would have matched enough, and I think it would have been a cool idea for them to come and get revenge on you. Although kidnapping Clementine is a little stale, it would be much better if they just crept up on you when you least expect it, and Lee turns around and there's Andy/Danny St. John and he says "Hello, Lee" in the voice from the radio :P
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