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Never again Telltale

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I find the practices of this company absolutely atrocious and am thoroughly annoyed with how these episodes have been handled. From not saving progress, to glitches galore, to months of waiting without any progress report or status as to what's going on Telltale Games has thrown gamers into a bait and switch trap and their BBB rating is proof enough of their tactics.

They disregard their F rating, continue their terrible practices and use big names to sucker in sales and I can only hope that one day this comes back to bite them. I've had a plethora of issues, sent countless email, received not one response on any of my emails, or forum posts. Sadly I've only seen 2 official posts one of which being the the most vague "we're looking into these issues" response after hundreds of negative and frustrated posts from their consumers, and the other being one replying that they don't give refunds.

Clearly there are enough people frusterated and asking about the issues and refunds that they finally posted something about this. To be honest I'd like to see them actually reply to this post and give response to the specific issues and what the status of them are...

Not saving at the end of episodes/not being able to continue the story
Not being able to download the episodes (connection to server failed etc)
Not having the option to download the most recent episodes
Various glitches all around
Procedures for procuring a refund for those who truly wish so
Status of future update and approximate timeframe

Chances are they won't but it would be nice to see them take a step in the right direction.
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  • I'm agree with you, I can see on the forum they answer to question about the game himself, like solution or how to download it, but when you have a problem abut payment, like when the game ask you to pay the episode even if you already bought it before (my problem...) there is nothing, no help, you can go to hell....
    It's shamefull for a company like telltale, I think I will boycott them in the future !
  • I pop back onto this forum every couple of weeks to see if they've finally addressed the issues so I can get back to completing the game (I was halfway through episode 3 when I started running into problems) but there's never any indication that these problems will ever be fixed.

    I was actually contemplating buying the game for the iPhone 5 until a mod bluntly revealed that they aren't looking into updating the game for widescreen and iOS 6 support.

    I really enjoyed the game despite the shallow decision making and I would love to finally be able to complete my save before I completely lose interest, it's looking very unlikely though. Cheers Telltale, you're PR is absolutely rubbish.
  • This is by fay the worst gaming company I've ever seen. I bought the episode pack and tried to download episode 2 for nearly a onth before giving up and asking for my money back on iTunes.
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