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Coolest Quotes in the Game?

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What are your favorites? Some of mine might have to be:

Lee: No Ken. It's not okay!
Drop it.

Kenny: I thought that fucking thing was broken!
You little pissant!
...Get the fuck outta here.
Lee-Lee it's okay.

Ben: This is my fault, all my fault!
So give me a fucking break!
My leg's hurt, I think.
What? What is it? I'm okay, I'm okay...

Carley: You're just a scared little girl. Get the fuck over it.

Lilly: He's not, dead!
Goddammit Lee I need you!

Omid: There must be thousands of them! Jesus!
He's got a resourceful air about him. Dickson Kent III.

Larry: I've got charm comin' out of my ass!
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  • Definitely,

    Kenny: Looks like we've got the kid on watch again, might as well leave a sign out that says 'The men are gone, come and rape our women and children'

    Kenny has the best lines! ^_^

    But I love:
    Doug: Holy Moly! ...sorry.
    (After being asked about the saltlick and the bugs in Ducks bed)
    Clementine: I don't know.
    Mark: Don't... eat... dinner.
    Last night I heard your friend, Doug just laying in bed naming types of
  • The Bro speech from kenny almost made me cry BROMANCE!!!
  • Clementine: He's just always blaming me for stuff
    Lee: Did you do it?
    Clem: Yes .... TrollFace! :D
  • "Oww im gunna look like a boy" is one of mine with.
    "do you want blue" i just chuckle at that one.
    But non clem i like "dodging or quacking" and the kenny rape line.
    May be a spoiler for radio guy ep5 there. That plot scares me.
    (word options)
    Lee:I said IT'S OVERR!
  • Personally I think that Andy St. John's lines at the end of Episode 2 were really powerful. Many props to his VA for delivering them so well.
  • I forgot one. When you tell Kenny you were going to jail before all this, and he just says:

    "It wasn't for touching little kids was it?"
  • Clementine: Yeah but don't lick it, it tastes gross (referring to the salt lick)
    Lee: Did you lick it?
    Clem: ...I don't know.

    Lee: (after finding the boat) Shit.
    Clem: Swear.

    Carley: You're just a scared little girl. Get the fuck over it.

    Lee: (instead of helping omid and christa onto the train he just yells): RUN!

    Lee: Ben, where did you find that axe?
    Ben: I found it lodged in some door.

    I forgot the exact words, but when danny tells lee not to kill him as that taints the meat, and to eat him instead because "that's how the world works now." big wtf moment

    Brenda st john: Growing up in rural georgia i was taught never to waste.

    Kenny: Don't you know how to pick a lock.
    Lee: What would make you think I know how?
    Kenny: know....cause you're urban.

    Can't think of other really good ones atm. :P
  • Anything Larry says.
  • trd84 wrote: »
    Anything Larry says.

    He's got charm comin' out of his ass!
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