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Coolest Quotes in the Game?

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What are your favorites? Some of mine might have to be:

Lee: No Ken. It's not okay!
Drop it.

Kenny: I thought that fucking thing was broken!
You little pissant!
...Get the fuck outta here.
Lee-Lee it's okay.

Ben: This is my fault, all my fault!
So give me a fucking break!
My leg's hurt, I think.
What? What is it? I'm okay, I'm okay...

Carley: You're just a scared little girl. Get the fuck over it.

Lilly: He's not, dead!
Goddammit Lee I need you!

Omid: There must be thousands of them! Jesus!
He's got a resourceful air about him. Dickson Kent III.

Larry: I've got charm comin' out of my ass!
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  • (just found this out and just joined)

    Larry: I got charm comin' out of my ass!
    Lilly: Yeah, that's... real charming, Dad. that actually made me laugh so hard

    Lee: Do you know anything about this flashlight?
    Carley: It's broken!
    Lee: I know it's broken!
    Carley: And the batteries might be in backwards.
    Lee: It uses just one.
    Carley: Everything should... What was the question?

    and of course if you have doug:

    Lee: Do you know anything about this flashlight?
    Doug: (starts to say something)
    Lee: (interrupts) W-wait, I know you know everything about this flashlight. I mean if you know anything about how it got broken.
    Doug: Oh. No.

    and of course what clementine says

    Lee: You didn't accidentally break a flashlight, did you?
    Clementine: No. Did Duck say I did?
    Lee: No. Did Duck break the flashlight?
    Clementine: I don't think so. He's just always blaming me for stuff.
    Lee: Like what?
    Clementine: Putting a bug on his pillow.
    Lee: Did you do that?
    Clementine:(smile) Yes.

    Also, whatever omid says makes me laugh uncontrollably.
  • Omid: "At least it doesn't look like a death trap!"
    *Sign rumbles**Christa gives look of death*
    Omid: "...Who's going first?"

    Lee: "No, you don't TOUCH that boy. I've got a little girl in here too. You wanna get violent you old fuck? Well COME ON, but you better have a plan to kill me though, cause' its ME, before anyone else in here!!!"

    Molly: "I just wanted it, okay?"
    Lee: I don't care about your life-story, Molly."
    Molly: "...Then maybe you shouldn't have asked..."

    Lee: "This woman is fucking insane!!!"
    Brenda: "Lee, that's not a nice thing to imply."
    *Duck eats away.*

    Lee: "You weren't involved, were you Duck?"
    Duck: "No... my parents never let me touch any of their stuff, Lilly neither..."
    Lee: *Wide eye look* "That's probably for the best..."

    Carley: "I've been thinking a lot... about you."
    Lee: "I think about you too."
    Carley: "You're a convicted killer."
    Lee: "Carley, JESUS." EPIC BURN

    And of course, my signature!

    P.S. I've posted others I like, and there are some already here.
  • Lee: "I'm so fucked."
  • Lee: I wanted to tell you that before all of this i killed...
    Kenny: Umm.. You were with me in that meat locker right?
    Lee: Yea.
    Kenny: And you saw me smash that guys head with a salt lick?

    Or the alternate version

    Lee: I was sent to prison 3 months ago...
    Kenny: No shit?
    Lee: No shit...
    Kenny: ... It wasn't for touching kids was it?
    Lee: Gah, Come on, man...
  • Omid: "Oh, just fucking peachy."
  • Lee: "I can think of one more person I'm gonna hurt, motherfucker. I'm gonna hurt YOU." - Lee to Campman
  • Hello,

    Before I elaborate any more on this topic, let me just say...The facts that I remember may night be 100% spot on as I'm just going by what I remember (and my memory isn't always trustworthy to rely on :p )

    And with that, I remember Lee talking to someone (I believe it was Doug) about a recent tragedy that occurred in the game. Doug (or who ever it was) was being really down about the situation, saying how they could and should have responded different than how they did.
    Lee responds to this by saying something along the lines of, "It's easy to look back and point out all the things we did wrong, but in the moment, it's what seemed right to do."

    Since I don't know for sure where it took place, when it took place in the game, or what tragedy was being talked about (and there's a lot), I could go back and replay the game or watch a Let's Play, but either way would be a very time consuming process....If anyone has any tips in finding this quote or what exactly the quote is, it would be appreciated.
  • I think you are talking about that part with Kenny in Episode 1 when talking about Shawn.
  • Here's a youtube link, starting right at the conversation. :)
  • Dildor wrote: »
    Here's a youtube link, starting right at the conversation. :)
    Yes! Thank you so much! :D Since I heard him say that, every time someone I know says something like, "Why did I do that?" I think of this quote haha. I've always known the quote to be true but I guess it's how the writers put it into words that I enjoyed so much.
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