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Coolest Quotes in the Game?

posted by HiggsBoson2142 on - last edited - Viewed by 13.8K users
What are your favorites? Some of mine might have to be:

Lee: No Ken. It's not okay!
Drop it.

Kenny: I thought that fucking thing was broken!
You little pissant!
...Get the fuck outta here.
Lee-Lee it's okay.

Ben: This is my fault, all my fault!
So give me a fucking break!
My leg's hurt, I think.
What? What is it? I'm okay, I'm okay...

Carley: You're just a scared little girl. Get the fuck over it.

Lilly: He's not, dead!
Goddammit Lee I need you!

Omid: There must be thousands of them! Jesus!
He's got a resourceful air about him. Dickson Kent III.

Larry: I've got charm comin' out of my ass!
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  • Fine, don't have to he a pussy about it- Nate

    Put the gun down, bitch!- Lee
  • O yes, the classic line that killed us all, in more ways then one, and I just noticed I am at 3000 posts, *break out the Parsecs Whiskey.*
  • TWD (400 Days included) is a goldmine.
    Noble;737506 said:
    I have a lot of favorites, but I am reminded of this:

    "Is that all you got, Lee? ... You ain't shit!"

    "It's over!"

    "Fuck you. As soon as Dan and Mama get out here, y-you're all fucked!"

    "They're not coming."

    "What do you mean...? Lee, what the fuck do you mean? Don't you dare walk away from me, Lee! Get back here and FINISH THIS THING! Get back here and fight me like a man, Lee! ... Lee... Leee!"

    That whole exchange is superb. Damn near perfect as far as I'm concerned.
  • Lee: that's girl's my care. we've been through more you could imagine. anyone tries to get between me and her-- anyone! is gonna wind up dead!

    Kenny: oh you made it back,good job.Good job.

    Lee:"getting bitten's not that bad"
    Lee:"No. It's horrible"

    Clementine:"Yes" after asked if put bugs on Duck's pillow

    Duck:"It smells funny in here"

    Carley:"Don't call me small"

    Lilly:"The list of people i can trust here get smaller everyday"

    Larry:"or smash his head in"
    Gets his head smashed an episode later.

    Doug:"holy moly"
  • Bioshock Infinite WD;827832 said:
    He did??? Well then I must have scanned over it, well that is something I might just do now.
    He did! I watched him. Cry's awesome.
  • Don't know if these are the coolest but mute-Russell run is some comedy gold

    Nate: "I see you hiding down there with your boyfriend."
    Russell: ...
    Nate: "Dude, I can see you breathing... and so can those dead dudes coming out of the woods."
    Russell: *jumps up*
    Nate: "HAHA, oh shit, man, how the fuck are you alive falling for junk like that? I mean SERIOUSLY, how are you not in some hillbilly's freezer already?"

    Nate: "Look, Russell, I just asked you your name, not who the King of fucking Norway was."

    Russell: ...
    Nate: ...
    Russell: ...
    Nate: "This is pretty fucking uncomfortable now ain't it?"
    Russell: "Yep."

    Nate: "Fine, be mad, just stop being a pussy."
    Russell: ...
    Nate: "... Or keep being a pussy."

    (Also did you know that if you just sit doing nothing when you're supposed to take a glance at the sniper, the following eventually happens?)
    Russell: ...
    Nate: "Russell, you still breathing?"
    Russell: ...
    Nate: "Fuck it, I'll do it myself." *actually does it himself*
  • CreeperX;828215 said:

    Russell: ...
    Nate: ...
    Russell: ...
    Nate: "This is pretty fucking uncomfortable now ain't it?"
    Russell: "Yep."
    When does this happen?
  • HiggsBoson2142;828232 said:
    When does this happen?
    When Nate asks whether you have 'any tail back where you come from?', just answer with the: ....
  • Someone probably already said this, but I'm too lazy to read all the posts.

    Lee: "Hmmm, pointy."
  • That was me, and it beats all the lines ever spoken in the history of games.
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