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Why does it take so long for episodes to be released on iOS?

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Hello. I know episode 4 is now out for iOS but these extremely long waits for episodes being released are really making me lose my interest in the game. I try hard not though because the walking dead is the simply the best game i have ever played, but telltale take far too long to release an episode on iOS.

Once an episode comes out it will be released on everything except for iOS, and then it finally gets released on iOS in something like a month later. This thing really spoils my experience and I have no clue why telltale do this. Please can someone tell why it take loads more time for telltale to release an episode for iOS?
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  • because a seperate team has to port it over for a touch screen change some of the controls to work and do something to the graphics to run on a different system.

    then they have to play test it for bugs

    and that after the initial pc/xbox/ps3 verisions of the episodes are finished/released.
  • I'd say that the reason the iOS took a while to catch up to the other platforms in terms of episodes was because Ep.1 was released on iOS in July while it was released in April for all other platforms. You can see already that the other platforms had a three-month headstart on the iOS. To the contrary, I'm actually impressed that Telltale managed to get Ep.4 released on iOS only 3 weeks (might've been 4) after Ep.3 on iOS was released. In terms of actual waiting, iOS users have had it relatively easy and this is coming from a TWDG iOS and PC player
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    Vainamoinen Moderator
    Yet catch up they really did. I didn't think it was possible, to be honest. TWD could well end for iOS users in mid December, if not much earlier. :)
  • Yeah. I'm quite surprised and stoked at the same time. Only a few weeks ago iOS was 2 episodes behind.

    So things are looking good for a not so late ep5 release.
  • As I posted in another thread.
    Chickenman;721709 said:
    BOOM! The Walking Dead Episode 5 season finale hits NEXT WEEK! Tues: PSN (NA) Weds: PSN (EU), XBLA, PC/Mac and iOS!
    And iOS?! Fuck me that's some big arse catch up right there!
  • Chickenman;721712 said:
    As I posted in another thread.
  • God. How fast did TT port episode 5 to iOS?
  • Zeruis;721786 said:
    God. How fast did TT port episode 5 to iOS?
    I'm guessing episode 5 is not that long
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