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Hard time installing on XP64

posted by Joe2 on - last edited - Viewed by 446 users
I had trouble installing the game on XP64. I got around it by copying the huge .exe file to my hard drive and running it off there.

Edit: However, the game itself runs very well

Oops. Forgot to mention it was Sam & Max season 1
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  • What happened when you tried to install?
  • I installed the thing, and when it got to around 50%, the installer crashed.
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    For my reference, what version of the season is this from? The Telltale DVD, the Adventure Company CD, or downloaded from the Telltale website directly?
  • Adventure Company Disc
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    Just thought of this (as someone else has a similar problem today).

    It's possible you may not have enough disk space at the time of install. To install, you need to have a little less than double the free space for the installation as NSIS first needs to extract the data to the Windows temp folder, then place it in the install location.
  • Windows temp partition had at least 15 gigs free while the destination partition (games) had at least 25 gigs. The Windows partition partition had at least 4 gigs. Anyways, the game installed successfully. I'm having problems with *bleack* another SecuRom title yet Crysis installed and played successfully...
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