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Rural or Urban areas?

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for zombie survival
what place could you most possibly survive..... or both?
(by both I mean: live in rural and make runs to urban or live in urban and make runs to rural)
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  • I'd live in a rural area, and make runs to an urban area for supplies.
  • Rural area less people=less zombies
  • far.
    Im a former New York City resident..Staten Island to be exact.
    The population density the death of millions.
    People on the mainland may have a better chance at making it out, but those on Staten Island,Manhattan & Long Island.. well.lets just leave it at horrific.
    Now I live in the foothills of N.C. a vastly lower pop. den. and depending on mortality rate it would still be a challange to survive the first days of a simultaneous occurance, world wide outbreak.
    But after that urban areas would be a last resourte except where perhaps advanced medical supplies or equipment was needed by survivors.
    The farmland, livestock and fresh water supplies would make going to urban areas a risk really not worth taking.
  • lol.... for some reason, I read this poll as "which is better? Shooting yourself in the face, or not."
  • I said both. Mostly because it depends on the city or rural locale. If you're dealing with a herd, some rural locations would be bad to live in because they are too exposed and there would be few places to hide while the herd passed.

    Some cities have better resources and their streets could be blocked off to provide natural channels for the Zombies to be directed through while the survivors lived on rooftops and made forays into the relative safety of the suburban outskirts for food growing.

    Some rural locations would be difficult to survive in over winter and could be too far from urban centres to make city runs viable.

    Ultimately it comes down to the specific locations.
  • Initially, both. Ideally, rural, but that would require time to become self-sufficient.
  • Urban; more zombiatches to kill!!!
  • Rural could be safer as long as you have a safe and quiet home that isn't inhabited by cannibals or has a barn full of zombies, but one would have to travel for supplies.

    Urban would have a shit ton of more zombies but also would have more survivors and groups to join up in but in that case the people would be a threat as well.

    I'd go with urban though since it could have some pretty safe and isolated houses, like the one Lee and the group from the game found.
  • i'm completely fu**ed in a zombie apocalypse.
    I live in Houston. Then again we are one of the fattest cities, so all i gotta do is out run the fattys, make it to the port and go to Americas toilet the Gulf of Mexico. come to think of it im actualy very close to the water and have tons of mexican friends with boats. and a pretty secure wearhouse. i could make it, i just dont know how i would handle actualy having to kill a zombie, who would.
    Didnt mean to type that much lol
  • oh yeah and if that dont work i could always take back my old house in the country. 11 acres, 2 ponds (except in the summer), a well, and close to a decent sized lake
    ZA is fun to think about
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