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Thank you TTG!!

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Ever since ep3 I have been trying to get on the forums and or checking the website every single day! I am very excited and patiently waiting for TTG:TWG Ep5 to come out now.

I can't help it! I am addicted to the game as much as I am the TV series! It's a new guilty pleasure, if you will, and for my 3 play-thorough's I have not once regretted the time it took to play them. That is very odd for a video game.

I can't help but to wonder what is going to happen or what will take place in EP5. The who will live or who will die dilemma or who will sacrifice themselves so that the others may live is on my mind far more than it should be is running as rampant as ever.

This feeling is very rare for me as I don't get this attached to a game very often and for that I am grateful. The last time I can recall being this attached to a game story was from Final Fantasy VII. Granted, there have been bumps in the road along the journey but I have great hope that it will all work out in the end.

I want to take a moment here to give thanks to TTG and those involved for creating this game and to say that because of TWD I have also purchased a few other games like Back to the Future. I've really enjoyed my time playing the games that TTG has put out and TTG has a new fan in me.

You all do some awesome work and if I were ever to become a full time game developer TTG is the place I would want to work at. I've done a couple fan fic movies for TWD at and am learning to be a level designer as well as currently writing my own game using unity. I hope that with learning that one day I will be worthy enough to work along side of those that create the games that make TTG proud!


I also encourage others here in this thread to also give thanks to TTG for this great game that we have all been playing and let them know why it means so much to you as well.
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