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TWD: Two major IPAD-version issues

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First, and I assume that many people complaint about this: this game litteraly SUCKS the life out of my IPAD. Normally 'standby' (turned on but not using) lasts for weeks, but if the game is just on in the background, which is quite normal for IPAD, the standby doesn't even last a day!!! This might even be against IPAD policy I think, FIX IT! I played a lot of games on my IPAD and this is the ONLY game that has this basic problem!!!

Second, I keep having problems with downloading episodes. It takes a long time, and it often says connection is lost. Did you know that RESUMING downloads is already available in most software for over 15 years?!?! Did you guys not think about that? Not only is it annoying and not working well, but it also puts a lot of unnecessary load on your download servers, because it keeps download the same data over an over again on my ipad. If you ask much more money than the average IPAD game, then at least GET THE BASIC STUFF right. I still can't play the 4th episode, have tried downloading it many times, also on my university network but no luck.... I love your games, but not having a resume on the downloads like a really rookie mistake, shame on you....
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  • I tried downloading episode 4 for the fifth time now, it get really far the last time (80%+) but still it fails. I can tell you I do NOT have a problem with my internet connection, I download stuff all the time. Also I placed my IPAD next to my wireless router, so it shouldn't have any wifi problems.
    I'm telling you, make a resume function on the download and all problems are gone.
  • Update, I also notice that even when i'm not playing the game, but the screen is resting on the 'failed download' page, my ipad gets REALLY hot. This is the first app that makes my IPAD heat up like that, congrats on that :S
  • Another update, might be good for others to know: I turned off my ipad for a while, turned it back on, started the game, and clicked on download episode. Now it downloaded MUCH faster (like 10 times faster) and it also finished the download.
    So I have clue why, but it seems to help if you restart your whole IPAD. Restarting only the game doesn't really see to work, I tried that before I think. But you could also try that first if you have problems downloading an episode.
  • You're lucky you even have the option to download it. My episode 4 just says "coming soon" next to it. No amount of restarting and resetting works. This is ridiculous.

    No hope in sight for either problem it seems.
  • You'd THINK that for company that makes fully interactive 3d adventures, this should be the easy part... Guess not
  • Agreed! I love this game, but I'm also evaluating the responsiveness of telltale's technical support. By the time I finish episode 5, I'll have a good idea, based on how the company responds to all the inquiries about download troubles, etc. It's not looking good at all. I haven't even seen an acknowledgement of the glitch or an update from them as to why it's occurring, other than "try rebooting". As a consumer, tech support is very important to me. If their efforts don't improve soon, I highly doubt I'll be purchasing any other games from them. Hope they get their communication act together before the end of episode 5!
  • I've had some issues with the download failing (3 times), but if I reboot the ipad it fixes things. If the game gets real laggy, a reboot will solve that issue too. The Ipad will get hot. The game is pushing the envelope of what is possible on the Ipad so heat is expected. Uses a lot of memory and processing power.
  • At least you have the option to download the episodes. I bought the game for more than a month already, bought the multi-pack episode and it's still showing COMING SOON for ep. 2-5.
  • Well I've been trying to download episode 2 at least a dozen times, rebooting every time it fails at 99%. It stays at 99% and just drains battery forever.
    Rip off.
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