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I found a bug in S2

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Well, first I would like to say that season 2 is AWESOME!

S&M is the only game I play now on my PC, thank you guys.

I found the following bug while playing ice santa:

[SPOILER]When you save a game while you have the iceball then load it again, iceball never melts.[/SPOILER]

I'm not sure if it happens everytime, but it just happened to me, still I really enjoyed the game, can't wait for episode 2 :D
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  • cool, i have to try that..
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    I don't know if this happened to someone else but when I was it the office in Past XMAS talking to the spirit, a hint was triggered and Max "interrupted" the dialog. After that the game remained locked in the "in dialog" status with no interface or even mouse pointer.
    This happened to me twice and forced me to kill the game and restore from a saved game.
  • wow i have to try saveing with the bleached snowball! :D I can't imagine throwing millions of snowballs at the incredible recording bug!
  • Also, if you just run with the snowball to the desoto, and go to the street, it wont melt as well. Which made solving the snowball puzzle so much easier.
  • I tried that, but it "melted" just as I was using it on the bug. Apparently that special moment is saved only for Christmas Present
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    Sometimes in S2E2 when drawing the gun in the driving game, the car and characters freeze. Needless to say the car does not advance. The only way out is exiting the driving game by clicking the office icon (or the abort game icon).
  • I had that too. Saving and loading work for me as well (that way, you stay in the driving sequence).
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