Title update worked for me!!!

Last month after downloading Ep.4, I came into the same issue most had with only 1 save slot being recognized. However, at the time I didn't realize what the problem was and tried to play Ep.4 in the game slot I mainly use, immediately upon realizing something was wrong with Ep. 4 (The recap showed decisions I didn't make - thanks for ruining alternative play throughs!) I exited the game and logged on to the support website. After reading I wasn't the only one with this problem and seeing that Telltale acknowledged that there was an issue, I decided to wait it out because I felt like the more I messed with my saved games the more potential to never get them back. Well after almost a month of waiting, I started up TWD and low and behold an update was available. Right after the update I checked and found to my amazement that the problem had been fixed!!! All game slots were now being recognized.

Hopefully telltale will learn from this and continue to expand TWD universe!

Maybe scrap the time table and just make a comprehensive piece of work
-also need to fix the pausing of frames right before something is about to happen, this makes it hard to stay immersed in the story and can sometimes spoil an otherwise tense or scary moment.


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    You're lucky, I'm still stuck with the one slot.
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    Maybe scrap the time table and just make a comprehensive piece of work.

    Yeah, totally agree. If I had downloaded a bug free Ep.4 a month or so later rather than having actually downloaded this game braker -' I wouldn't have any cause to complain; I would have been happy to wait.

    They're releasing a disc with all 5 episodes at the end of the year - I've already bought into the series though. If I do decide to continue playing these games (that depends on if my current game can be patched), I will certianly be waiting for a disc release of season 2 as I have no faith left in the live installments.
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