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Title Update - Happy at last

posted by LGThomas on - last edited - Viewed by 181 users
I finally was able to download the patch today. And, I know: I've been whinging a lot on here about how my game has been broken for so long... But, wow! As soon as I put on Ep.4 I began to forget all the negativity that I'd started to feel towarda the series.

I just completed Ep.4 and it's incredible, I was blown away. As frustrating as this whole save glitch problem has been; I am so glad I stuck with it.

Despite the small bug where my stats for Ep.1 had disappeared, everything else seemed fine: my story was still intact; the decisions I made in Ep.2 & 3 were still there, and the playthrough went without a hitch.

As far as gameplay and storyline: Telltale are doing a fantastic job with this series. But to avoid any problems, if there is to be a season 2, I think I'll wait for the disc version.

P.s: I can't wait for Ep.5... well actually, now that I think of it: don't rush it, Telltale.
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