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Back To the Future app ripoff

posted by rexford on - last edited - Viewed by 329 users
Yesterday, Telltale was offering Episode 1 of the iPad app version of the Back to the Future game free, supposedly. However, whenI went online last night (about 11:15 PM EST) the message kept coming up that the app was being modifies and I should try back later. I continued trying until I went to sleep a little after midnight my time - same results. This morning, I went to try again early, same result (and still showing "free" as price. Now the price has been set back to $2.99. This is a total bait and switch. Can you explain and/or do anything else to help me. (And perhaps others) out here?

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    MattP Telltale Staff
    This was a one day deal that ended at midnight. It's possible that Apple was in the process of changing the price back when you first tried to make your purchase. For any issues purchasing the game, you will need to contact Apple Support.
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