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Cant Play Sam N Max DVD

posted by Lary on - last edited - Viewed by 360 users
I purchased the DVD for Season 1 and none of the episodes play. I get a " required security module cannot be activated. This program cannot be executed" I followed the link to the registry in Windows XP and I had no duplicate drive letters. I uninstalled the first two episodes I downloaded that worked fine while I was awaiting the DVD. I reinstalled DVD and still no luck.

Any help!!:confused:


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  • Sorry for the problem. :(

    Could you please email an analysis file to SecuROM by following the instructions here? This should help them tell you what's causing the error and how to fix it.

    Please let us know what you hear back from them. If you can't get this figured out, you can always use the download versions instead, but it would be better to get them running from the disc!
  • hey lary.. this can happen when you have or had emulation running like daemon tools or alcohol or such.
    Its a securerom error stating you prolly have the image mounted somewhere or its looking at a layer.
    If you do have these programs installed try uninstalling em for now seeing if it fixes the problem. If not post back see whats up!
  • Emily

    I sent in the file and hopefully will get an answer shortly. In the meantime I have downloaded episodes 3 and 4 and they work fine on computer. What is weird is that now when I put in DVD and click on episodes 3 and 4 they work from the DVD. I deleted episodes 1 and 2, and never downloaded 5 and 6 yet. When I try to play either 1,2,5 or 6 from DVD I get the SecuROM problem. Any ideas????
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