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the Gift Store - announcement and info

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Announcing the Telltale Gift Store
A way to buy games for someone else.

Just in time for tomorrow Christmas the Holiday Season, we've added a new feature to the Telltale Store - the ability to buy a copy of Ice Station Santa or a Season Two subscription for someone else, as a gift!

Now, in addition to buying games for yourself, (and buying t-shirts, soundtracks, and books for everyone you know) you can get copies of our latest games for all of your friends and family members who have been missing out over the last few months.

Check it out!


How does this work?
It's surprisingly simple, fortunately.

Long story short: 1) You buy a Gift game from the store. 2) You get a Gift Code which you can give to whoever you want. 3) They type the code back into our website, and we give them a download link to an unlocked version of the game (or season subscription). 4) They play the game, love it, and, most importantly, love you.


How it works, in more detail...

* Add the "Gift" version of either Ice Station Santa or the Sam & Max Season Two subscription to your cart, and go through checkout, buying it. (You can buy as many copies as you'd like at this point - at the end of the process you can send each individual Gift copy off to a different person.)

* At the end of checkout, like usual, you'll be taken to your My Games page. At the top of that page will be every gift item you've bought, waiting to be sent off.

* For every gift game you buy, you can either email a download link off to the lucky recipient (either immediately, or on a chosen day, like Christmas morning), or you can print out a coupon with a code (suitable for including in cards instead of tired old cash, sneaking into bag lunches, etc). Now's the time to do that. :)

* The emails and coupons tell the user to go to this page. They just have to type in the Gift Code from the coupon/email you sent them, and they'll be taken to a page of their own with the download links for their gifted games ready and waiting.

* They love you.


We've been intending to do this for a while, and this is just the beginning of gift-type things. We hope you enjoy it :)

And, as usual with all things new, there might be some rough edges, but we hope not. If you do run into something that's busted or just not working how you'd expect, write to [email][/email] and someone will get back to you quick.
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