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"Campman", Mercy or no mercy

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(this poll will close on the 20th)
will you give him mercy for stealing a little girl?
(the fourth choice is supposed to be: maybe not, maybe I'll kill him) :(
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  • I chose the 1st option. Why? Because I'm a nice guy. The game hints that he hasn't hurt Clem, so why just straight up kill him? Let him show his personality first. I love Clem as much as anyone would, but seriously people - go into reality. This community is full of people who love Clem to an ABNORMAL state, it's just Clem Clem Clem, do anyone that looks the SLIGHTEST to a threat, and i'll tear you to pieces fucka! Just stop with that, it's retarded.
  • I honestly don't know at this point. What are his motives? Why did he kidnap Clem? I'd think that it's too early to say that I'm going to kill him. Let's see what happens in episode 5.
  • Too early to tell.
  • He Essentially got Lee bit and most likely killed
    and Depending on how Clemmy was under his "Care" will decide the bastard's fate
  • I have every intention of killing him, it'll be up to Telltale to convince me not to.
  • Depends, really. If he hasn't done any harm to anyone, even if he did kidnap a little girl, killing him is not worth it. If someone gets hurt (or worse, killed) because of him, be it Clem or someone that came with me, you can consider that guy dead.
  • I said yes because of the wording of your question (stealing or kidnapping a little girl). If it comes out that she started talking to him on the radio again and ran to find him because she is mad at your or thinks he can help find her parents (even if he didn't tell her he could) I would spare him if he found her and protected her.

    However if he lured her out of our group and protection than yes I'd kill whoever it was for putting her at risk and just being an ass. For the record I don't think it was Campman doing this based upon the evidence of how they despised the young, sick and old.

    I have no idea who it is but can't wait to find out in a week.
  • I'm gonna kill him, I don't care if he's nice, many psychopaths and deviants can seem outwardly nice. In the end he's someone who's willing to kidnap a child to get what he wants, in the ZA that's going to net him a bullet to the brain (or a salt lick, or the floorboards of a belltower).

    This time a heart attack and a hysterical daughter aint gonna save someone, this time clems and the rest of the group staring scared and horrified at me aint gonna save someone, this time a heroic acceptance of death and willingness to sacrifice oneself for the group aint gonna save someone. Whatever telltale throws at me, he dies.

    Show No Mercy
  • DoubleMatt1;722489 said:
    He Essentially got Lee bit and most likely killed
    and Depending on how Clemmy was under his "Care" will decide the bastard's fate
    This is what I wanted to say. Without that guy messing with Clem on the radio, she wouldn't have run away, Lee wouldn't have gotten bit, etc..
  • I don't give a shit if he hurts Clem or not. Fuck her, I just want Lee's kill list to go higher.
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