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There's about a week left

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So, I have one question left. What is your final statement? Me? It would have to be: Bring it on!
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  • "Prepared tissues, got my blanket, I AM READY!"
  • well lets see

    lots of free time to play it- check

    something else to do while it downloads- check

    something to do on the day before - check

    plenty of booze to drown the sorrow after playing it- check

    my plushie portal 2 turret to cuddle if it gets too much - check.
  • *insert futurama fry meme*
    Not sure if I should play because I have been waiting a month,
    Or if I shouldn't because Lee is going to die :L
  • My statement would be "No matter what happens to me i will save you clem i promise!"
  • Thanks to the American tradition of giving thanks for genocide and theft I will have a few days off to goof off.

    my last statement, "about bloody time!"

    hehe, no I am happy to see the series end out, even though I hate the idea of episodes in games, movies, books etc.

    its been a good run then hasn't it?
  • Milosuperspesh;722649 said:
    well lets see

    my plushie portal 2 turret to cuddle if it gets too much - check.
    Good idea maybe you should let it make the decisions
    Shoot shoot shoot
    Are you still there?

    I'm different

    Good night

    Just choose the choices most likely to be chosen by a turret and then you can't blame yourself when things go wrong
  • Viner16;723112 said:
    wallace: "oohhh! cheese!"
  • My final statement is less of an actual statement, and more of a phone call to the nearest therapist to find out if they have an opening for November 22.
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