In a ZA, would you join a group or go lone wolf?



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    I'd go lone wolf unless I needed supply like food and water or free train ride :D Or there was no way out like a 1,000 zombie party heading for the city >.>
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    Most of the "I'll go Lone Wolf" guys around sound like they wouldn't have any chance for a group to be true.
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    I would stick to a group but try to be as independent as possible to the point where I can survive on my own if I have to. I wouldn't want to stay in a group to the point where I'm led to slaughter due to someone's bad leadership skills or get killed by my own group for xyz reason. When the group starts falling a part or if I see a better opportunity that causes me to have to go on my own I want to be able to split and still have a good chance to survive.
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    Besides the fact that a ZA won't happen, I think it is unrealistic that we can really choose about being in a group or not.
    Especially being "lone-wolf" can't be chosen all the time.
    For example someone rescues your life and tells you that you should join his/her group, only very few people would disagree. If you find for example an unbitten 6-14 year old kid which is alone, would you really deny to help him/her? You see friends/family of youself, would you really let them die just to be lone-wolf? If you are male: you meet because of unknown circumstances a nice girl, you would really leave her just to be lone wolf? No I don't think that it is that easy to be lone-wolf no mather what.
    Besides the things which I have already said, that I don't think that we can choose that much I won't look for a group. It would be very hard for me to trust someone in such times, especially strangers. So I would avoid that a group of other human can see me if I can but that won't work all the time. That's why I would be as long a "lone wolf" until a group/person which is mostly trustworthy and asks me to join them appears. If such a group/person won't find me I would most likely die because of asshole-survivors one day. I think it won't be walkers if I survive the first days because I know about hunting, making fire, fishing and which berries and mushrooms can be eaten in my area and in the wilderness there won't be that much walkers. (I think the noise of the people will keep them in the the cities and suburbias during the first months)
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    I would prefer a group that hopefully had various skills and abilities like someone with some medical experience or maybe ex military,i think a broad spectrum of people with different skills could pull together and survive longer than i could on my own.
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