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Ep. 2 glitch, help, please.

posted by Vibe4 on - last edited - Viewed by 329 users
I'm fairly early in the episode and trying to pick up where I left off. Every time I chose continue, it takes me to the 'Rewinding will delete any progress...' message. i get the Yes/No choice, but no actual way to choose either. When i hit select, the only real option, it freezes. This happened with my previous save point and a simple exit and re-enter of the game worked. But I've tried that 4 times now and it's definition of insanity time.

If it matters, I'm only using one save slot currently. Really frustrating as I don't want to start over at this point, especially with no confidence this won't happen again. I'd appreciate help.
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    MattP Telltale Staff
    Please make sure you are logged into your profile and connected to Xbox live when you start the game. This will ensure you are prompted to download the Title Update. Confirm and download this update, and then restart your game.
  • I'm having the same issue after trying to continue mid episode 2. I should be all up to date on the game as well (I think I got a title update when I first started ep 1). Suggestions?
  • I had to work the solution out myself. copy your save to slot number 3 and it should work fine ;]
  • if it dont then restart ep 1 on slot 3 it worked for me and 3 other friends xD
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