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Chuck is Vernon's brother.

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I am completely surprised not one person mentioned this or how it is not mentioned in the wikia, but Chuck is a lot bigger of a character than it seems.

Play episode 3 again, and when you first enter the driver's room and see the dead body, remember how the guy was not killed by the walkers, nor turned into one, but was MURDERED? He didn't kill himself, someone shot him from the outside as evidenced by the glass. Now in this room, did anyone look at the photograph? It was a man with his wife and two kids. Guess who that was. Yes, Chuck.

Why would his picture be attached in the driver's room? Remember how Chuck just so happened to be living at the train? How the train somehow stopped on its own and was shut off? Remember how he strangely happened to be in the sewer with a gun that was never seen before, and how Vernon questioned Lee about the train? Is it weird that both Chuck and Vernon look alike? Lastly, did you notice how the picture disappeared after talking to Chuck for the first time and heading to the driver's room to find it missing? This cannot be a coincidence. Chuck used to work as a train driver, and Vernon knew about it.

So, what am I trying to get exactly? Well here is what I think. Chuck lied to Lee about not seeing his family in fourteen years. For all we know, he was probably on the train the day of the outbreak and after seeing what happened and the train stopping to possibly avoid hitting a car (seen next to the train where that zombie was inside still attached to the seat belt.) Chuck, who knew what was going on and was too afraid to take chances, shot the driver and shut off the train, using it as shelter. Possibly fearing death, he chose to stay indoors, going out only to find food and whatnot, drinking to keep him calm, assuming his family are dead.

Seeing how Kenny had the same drinking habits, this is very likely. Now here is where Vernon's story comes to mind:

Vernon and Chuck knew of their occupations and area of residence. When Chuck chose to fight off the walkers himself, he looked very confident. It appears that he still had his gun all along and used it to defend himself from the horde of zombies. Then, he went to go meet his brother and the cancer group on his own and possibly get them to help Lee. Realizing he was outnumbered and could not make it in time, he took his life with the last bullet of his gun.

Vernon, knowing of Chuck's occupation, went to the train, possibly to see if he was still there and also to see if they can use that as a method of transportation. As we don't know what happened to the group, this is probably the case.

Anyone want to say why you agree/disagree? Feel free to discuss.
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  • Whoa, interesting way to look at it.
  • Half of his head is gone though, I doubt the crash would talk half chunk of your face off.
  • You guys don't know shit if you think your head will split in half when you hit a window at high speed. Looks more like something that a hollowpoint round would do. On top of that, the train conductor wouldn't be sitting in his chair, he would be somewhere on the floor after he dies from getting launched at the window.

    E: Always late, a TellTale guy just revealed the big mystery.

    E2: I just looked at the images on the second page, looks like he has been against the window for a while (The dried bloodstream on the panel), I think Chuck has dragged and put him on the chair?
  • No, I guess he just was catapulted against the window, slammed his head in and flopped back on the chair.
  • Sutinen wrote: »
    E: Always late, a TellTale guy just revealed the big mystery.

    Wha... When? Where? Link please.
  • This is an absolute amazing theory. It makes sense even.
  • Vladisimo wrote: »
    Wha... When? Where? Link please.

    Uh...scroll up? :p Their names are highlighted in red, so it shouldn't be difficult at all to notice their posts, even when skimming through. Here it is regardless: Link

    Interesting theory, but it has thus been more or less confirmed that the guy was not Chuck.

    I assumed that he hit his head and died, and it seems obvious with the camera shots focusing on the window. From the threads here and all of the playthroughs I've seen on youtube(not just popular ones, either) it seems this is what the majority saw as well.
  • You're right. They should highlight their posts or something (fancier, just like Jagex does), I don't think anyone looks at a posters name unless it's OP.
  • 1. The train came to a stop suddenly and the guy hit the window and broke his head.

    2. Chuck probably found the gun down there

    3. Being old and having beards does not make two people related.
  • I think that this is a bit of a stretch, I'm going to apply Occam's razor to this and just suggest that it's much more logical to assume the simpler conclusion; Chuck and Vernon didn't know each other, everything Chuck did and said was on the level (he kept no secrets), and the reason behind Vernon's ominous line "Y'all didn't come from the train tracks, did you?" is as of yet unknown and will possibly be further explained in Ep. 5.

    I'm glad to learn something new everyday (regarding Occam's razor). :)
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