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[STEAM] Saves Bugged Out - AGAIN

posted by Zombiedude101 on - last edited - Viewed by 197 users
Alright, so a few weeks ago my saves bugged up, causing me to lose EVERYTHING (I'd finished Episode 4, too). So, I decided a few days ago, with Episode 5 approching, to replay it all. So, I've just finished Episode One, yet when I check the list of saves, it says 'Episode 1'. Fair enough, when I click on it, it brings me to Episode 2 where I get the 'play' option, so I click it. Then, when the list of 'Previously, on the Walking Dead' clips show up it does the exact opposite of every single choice I made in Episode 1.

It shows me saving Doug, saying nothing to the cop and siding AGAINST Kenny despite the fact that each one of these are the opposite of what I actually did (Saved Carly, spoke with cop, helped Kenny). I'm really annoyed by this, especially since I've already lost one set of saves so how the fuck do I fix this thing? And preferably without wiping my Steam folder.

So, what do?
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  • I went with a friend's suggestion to uninstall the game, delete the folders for it (Including the save folders) and then reinstall it, and I've just finished Episode 1 and got to the 'Previously' clip of episode 2. At first, it looked good. It was showing all the decisions I actually made until it got to saving Doug or Carly. I'd chosen Carly, but it showed me as saving Doug instead. So, what do I do?
  • Anyone got a solution to this? TTG Guys?
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