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closed-captioning in promotional videos?

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Hi, guys!
The videos you posted today look (and SOUND!) terrific.
My sincere kudos to everyone involved in the project. :)
I have a small request: could you record the new high quality videos for monday with subtitles on? That would be a tremendous help for not-mothertongue Sam & Max's fan.
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    I have another related question. Will the game have closed-captions throughout, including any cut-scenes? A lot of games leave this out and alienate people that are hearing-impaired, or like Diduz said, "not-mothertongue" with Sam and Max language.
  • Yes, the game has the option to turn captions on or off. We turned them off before taking the videos because at the small size, they would have been very hard to read and would have cluttered up the screen. We also turned off "rollover text", which is a description of a hotspot that pops up when you move your cursor over an object that can be used. (Voices, music, and sound effects can be turned on and off as well.)

    Diduz, I don't think we'll have time to redo the videos with captions turned on. But we will keep this in mind for the next batch of videos we do in a few weeks.

    EDIT: Oh, and the game IS captioned throughout, even during cutscenes. That's a benefit of in-engine cutscenes. Often when a game does not have captions during cutscenes, it's because the cutscenes are prerendered movies.
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