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What if Lee finds Clementine and its like when Sophia comes out of the Barn

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Imagine how heartbreaking it would be after going through a herd,most likely losing people on the way, just to find Clementine come towards you as a walker. I imagine it would be like this but million times more emotional! Sub Lee in for Rick and Clem for Sophia Obviously. Do you think Telltale would be dark enough to have this happen or something akin to it?

Also do you think Lee would be able to put down walker Clem?
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  • I don't know about Lee but I would be able to do it. It's a much kinder thing to do. I don't think that would happen though, but it would be sad as hell.
  • Something like it yeah, but not with Clem.
  • I suggested that in another post! :D

    But anyway, a feel like Telltale can be dark enough to do that. And Lee just gives up and falls to his knees. If you got the bro speech from Kenny and made him shoot either Duck/Fivel, he will put his hand on your shoulder and draw his pistol and take her out himself to repay your dues. If you defended Ben and never threatened him, he'll take your gun and crying, shakily raise up the gun, and shoot Clem. If none of them like you, Lee will look down at his bite, stand up, take the zombified Clem's hand, and while she knaws at his hand, they both walk out into the horde.
  • NO no... no... NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NON No!!! why... help me get that out of my head
  • If my Lee had to put down his brother in EP1, Shoot Doug and kill the kid in the attic then he won't have any issues with doing the same to Clem. Sorry, zombie is a zombie. It would be unfortunate but necessary.
  • Please don't make me think this...
  • I would put her down since i doubt anyone but maybe kenny would help me. Or maybe its kind of like episode 3 but reverse with lee putting down clementine and kenny there for support(or christa/omid).
    That would make it very sad though as she's dead and lee would probally shoot himself after dealing with campman.
  • THAT would be an unforgettable ending! It shouldn't be the only ending, though. You should have a time limit that's not visible on the screen and if it runs out, you confront Walkie Talkie man, he says she's in the next room, you have a choice to kill him or not, and then you go in the next room and see a zombified Clementine. Then, you'd get a choice to either kill her, walk away and kill yourself (or not), or like HiggsBoson said. You walk with her holding hands while she gnaws at it and you walk in the horde.
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