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The Walking Dead game glitches/bugs/technical oversights

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the bugs in the walking dead game is becoming more of a nuisance or annoyance. Have you ever consider to fix the glitches or oversights at all?
here a few notable instances:

In Episode 4
Lee pushes the blowtorch at the edge of the bridge to the ground of the oil tanker where its spilling gas it can catch on fire but doesn't have much effect. For one instance, a few walkers from the horde go through the fire but don't catch on fire.

Furthermore, when the spilling gas from the tanker catch fire it doesn't seem to explode as soon it catches fire. I don't know if two of these things are glitches or an technical oversight, or not but there must be something very wrong at that part.

The game has other bugs/glitches also some minor but still a annoyance.
I still like game the way it is, its good but it needs more fixing and checking you should make the Walking Dead Game a glitche and bug free game considerably.
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