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Episode 4 - Dropping Ben consequences

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I dropped Ben (because he's an accident waiting to happen, and it would have solved the boat capacity problem).

After dropping ben the following happened:
  • He fell down, eaten by zombies
  • we go back, kenny tells everyone I killed him on purpose
  • Clem upset, but get's over it
  • Omid get's his meds, seems ok
  • Molly get's weird, and says going with the group is not for her, and leaves
  • Clementine disappears, man on radio has her
  • Lee gets bitten
  • Everyone agrees to go search for Clementine
  • Cancer survivors have left their fallout shelter
How was it different for you people who did NOT let Ben fall? Any differences at all?
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  • Clementine isn't disapointed, molly says the boat is full and leaves and you have to tell kenny to "deal with it" if you take ben with you
  • Besides Clem being upset, none of those really have anything to do with dropping Ben.
  • ah, good to know. Cheers :)
  • if you want to take ben, you have to tell him either "clementine stood up for you" (if you brought her along and chose to make a vote to kick ben out and tell her she can vote) or "clementine needs you" (if you left her with omid or did not pick the vote option or simply did not let her vote.)

    however, you can also let him decide if he wants to help you and he may say yes if you were postitive with him or no if you treated him poorly. if you brought kenny along, you have to pick "deal with it kenny" so ben can join.
  • As others have already stated, Nothing too big. Only clem being disappointed.
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