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TT's King's Quest: R.I.P. (aka Really Improbable Project)

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I've heard that they have problems with the Activision's rights. Any TT official news or reference about the game (aside this forum thread) was deleted. They had a placeholder website similar to the Fable one, and it's not available anymore.
The last statement about it was "The genre doesn't need us anymore".
No official comments on the forum aside Mods, the last one being one year old.

Telltale's King's Quest R.I.P.?
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  • Over a year ago, people were complaining that Telltale had the audacity to even think they could touch King's Quest. Today, people are complaining that Telltale have ignored King's Quest.
  • Over a year ago, people were complaining that Telltale had the audacity to even think they could touch King's Quest. Today, people are complaining that Telltale have ignored King's Quest.

    Nope, I am celebrating the fact that they won't be touching King's Quest.
  • Lambonius wrote: »
    Nope, I am celebrating the fact that they won't be touching King's Quest.

    Well duh!

    I really want you to be so wrong now. Bet you go hide if you are though.
  • I have been dreaming of a new King's Quest since 1998. That is 12 years, people! I really hope Telltale has not abandoned the project. The announcement that King's Quest would be coming back made me happier than any other gaming news I had received in close to 30 years of gaming. If for some reason it has fallen through however, I hope the recent Kickstarter adventure revival has been strong enough to inspire Jane Jensen or Roberta Williams or... someone.... to step in and save it. I just hope it's an entity with enough resources (money, talent, creativity and passion for the series) to do it justice.
  • It's actually 14 years.
  • TTG has always been tight lipped about their games... It was really out of character when they announced a list of games they would be working on.

    We are not even through that list and they already added to it with law and order and a second walking dead series... We see a lot of newer forumites in a panic about the status of games.. I'm sort of surprised to see some long timers doing it here... I'm not claiming any insider knowledge but this is not out of the ordinary for ttg to not talk about their games until about a month before release.. Remember Monkey Island? They must have been sitting at that for a long time, they announced it and a month later we were playing the first ep.. This time they for whatever reason decided to let everyone know "hey there is a kq game coming"

    I see no reason to assume its still not coming... Unless we hear otherwise from someone at ttg.. Or Activision.
  • I've noticed Infamous Adventures has been pretty tightlipped about Kingdom of Sorrow too... They recently cancelled production on King's Quest III Gold Edition over legal and monetary reasons...

    Infact when they made the announcement they stated;
    The world, though, has changed so much now that we don't really need to keep these franchises alive anymore. All the old series are available once again for sale through various websites such as Good Old Games, and other professional outfits are making games again. And with the advent of technology such as tablets, and online console stores, these franchises are worth something again... The King's Quest rights have been licensed out for new games...

    The other harsher truth is that we have flown under the radar for a long time, in a legal gray area with these fan remakes. Even though they are entirely not-for-profit, and are 100% original works (we didn't use anything from the original games in our remakes) the games themselves are copyrighted. We have only ever treated these games with respect and didn't do anything to degrade the value of the titles. But bottom line, if the owners of the copyrights wanted to, they are within their rights to issue cease and desist notices. With these franchises actually profitable (and the titles for sale again) it's not worth our effort to continue to make these without monetary return.

    The fact is that problem is, that not only would "legal issues" potentially affect a KQ remake, it would be more likely to affect a brand new 'original' (ok semi-original) game in the series by a fan development team. Certainly, they aren't going to get 'monetary' return on Kingdom of Sorrow either from a fan development standpoint. If the same standards are applied to Kingdom of Sorrow, my guess its possibly cancelled as well. They certainly haven't given any updates on the game since like 2011.

    Only other possiblity I could see is somehow IA is making some kind of deal with Activision to license King's Quest, and sell Kingdom of Sorrow for profit. But I think that outcome is probably very unlikely.

    We do know apparently, that most of the teams at Infamous Adventures are switching over to develop Quest for Infamy which will be an original IP and sold for profit.
  • It still baffles me how these teams who once made fan-games at a snails pace, then blaming it on ensuring quality and low personal priority, are taking forever on their retail games.

    Time is money. The more time they waste before releasing a game, the less money they get. Certainly, quality control and attention to detail are important, but taking years to complete a for-profit project which honestly should take months makes no sense to me when there is money to be made on the finished product.
  • Months? lol. You try it.
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