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TT's King's Quest: R.I.P. (aka Really Improbable Project)

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I've heard that they have problems with the Activision's rights. Any TT official news or reference about the game (aside this forum thread) was deleted. They had a placeholder website similar to the Fable one, and it's not available anymore.
The last statement about it was "The genre doesn't need us anymore".
No official comments on the forum aside Mods, the last one being one year old.

Telltale's King's Quest R.I.P.?
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  • Whether a Kings Quest game comes out or not I don't think the 5 game announcement really worked...I'd rather Telltale only announce projects 3 months out from them being released.,not when they haven't even begun to be worked on..that way you can have a huge marketing push and people get worked for Tales of Monkey Island..but if you announce something and never even mention it 2 years later you lose all the momentum
  • I don't think Telltale even has the license anymore, frankly. That's why they keep removing any mention of it from their public statements. I'm actually a little surprised this forum is even still up.
  • The 5 game announcement reminds me of Valve saying that we'd get 3 episodes of Half-Life 2 all within a few years time.
  • At this point, I'm not sure TTG is even capable of making a game that is on par with the difficulty of the original games, if they're making one at all.
    In fact, I'm so confident that they won't be making King's Quest, I'll give everyone who posts in this thread a free copy of Quest For Infamy next year if they're still making it.

    At this point, it's less "will they make it" and more "what shambling corporate presence will they turn the license into".

    With QFI, DFA, and the rest of the Kickstarted adventure games(and companies like Wadjet Eye), it almost seems like we're getting another mini-renaissance of adventure games. 2013 will be an AMAZING year for point-and-clicks, but it(at least to me) doesn't look like TTG will be leading the pack as they did the past few years.

    And this also has a very slight chance of happening.
  • It's just not their concern any more. Honestly, it's a project better left to a smaller studio - the audience isn't big enough for what Tell Tale does now.


    This is exactly how I feel.

    I'm pretty certain Telltale's version of King's Quest won't ever see the light of day. It would honestly be a step backwards for them at this point.
  • Okay. A promise of a free game if King's Quest is ever made is enough to get me to register for the forum and post in this thread! ;)

    (Nice to meet you all!)
  • I'm pretty sure, that this will see the light of day. KQ is a legendary name after all, and I can already see how it can be used to sell a ton of copies, considering how adventure games have been on the spot light lately thanks to Kickstarter.
  • Ask a random gamer if they've heard of King's Quest. It's not legendary. It should be, but it isn't.
  • Most modern gamers, have never heard of it... Unless they have been introduced to it by someone from 'our' generation or earlier generations (mainly speaking of those grew up in the 80s or 90s or earlier), more than likely they would have never heard of it, since Sierra has been gone about 15 years now (almost 15 years since the last official KQ game)... That's a long time, in video game/computer years...

    Even still, in the 80s and 90s gamers were a very small nitch in society, so most people during those years never played any games at all. PC gamers were an even smaller nitch, as the cost of computers limited who bought them.
  • Indeed. Being one of the most popular games back then isn't the same as now. Now almost everybody has heard of Call of Duty or Halo or something. But back then barely anybody heard of King's Quest when it was big. Comparatively speaking.
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