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TT's King's Quest: R.I.P. (aka Really Improbable Project)

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I've heard that they have problems with the Activision's rights. Any TT official news or reference about the game (aside this forum thread) was deleted. They had a placeholder website similar to the Fable one, and it's not available anymore.
The last statement about it was "The genre doesn't need us anymore".
No official comments on the forum aside Mods, the last one being one year old.

Telltale's King's Quest R.I.P.?
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  • Shame on those of you who hadn't already bought your copy of QFI...
  • I'll wait for the reviews or my free copy, whichever comes first (or last). I'm so confused...
  • Heh. Right on, JuntMonkey. The codicil is that if QFI comes out before KQ, you have to buy QFI. I'll HUNT YOU ALL DOWN AND MAKE YOU PAY!

    Oh, I see. Adding on some conditions now. Not so confident any more, are we? :D
  • magodesky wrote: »
    Oh, I see. Adding on some conditions now. Not so confident any more, are we? :D

    Hahah, no - I am fully confident. I just want you all to buy and enjoy QFI, that's all!

    TellTale isn't making a King's Quest game.

  • Irishmile wrote: » reason to think kings quest can't do the same with a company who just got alot of attention for a game in that genre.

    Telltale's Walking Dead is NOT in the same gaming genre as King's Quest. King's Quest is an adventure game.
  • Posting for my free copy as well! HA! :D

    Seriously though, no chance they are making KQ.
  • Ah hah, it's a trap!

    I've figured it out, I think.

    See pay attention to nearly everyone involved with QFI or Infamous Adventures in some way (particularly look at comments by Lambonius). In the past they have basically said that even if Telltale puts the title King's Quest on a game it won't be a true "King's Quest". The arguement is that it will be so watered down that it won't even be an 'adventure game' in their mind, or argueably even a 'game' (they think it will end up being a not-so "interactive movie".).

    Thus even if they make a game with King's Quest in the title, they won't give out a free copy of QFI, because Telltale didn't really release a real 'King's Quest" "game"!

    If Telltale fails to release anything, well its all the easier for them!

    Aha, I'm on to your wily ways Blackthorne...
  • Hahah - no, no - no quantifying a "King's Quest" validity. If Telltale releases a game entitled "King's Quest", I stand by my previous offer. No tricks.

  • Ok you convinced me, posting for my free copy as well.
  • I don't know. The stipulation of "if it comes out before QFI" is a little weak. I don't know when you're planning on releasing it. The Kickstarter page says December 2012, but even if it ends up being several months later than that, it's still almost certainly going to be released before Telltale's King's Quest. We can be pretty sure that even if Telltale is still working on KQ, it won't be released until after they finish Fables. So if they release episode 1 of Fables in January, the absolute earliest we'd see the first episode of King's Quest is June 2013. And that's being absurdly optimistic about Telltale's production schedule.

    But that's okay. I was already planning on buying QFI anyway, so I won't hold it against you. ;)

    That said, I think it's worth noting that Telltale's production schedule is unlike that of practically any other game developer in the industry. Frankly, I wouldn't expect to see anything about King's Quest at this point. If we still haven't heard anything by this time next year, then I might start worrying that it's been cancelled.

    As for the comments that Telltale is too big for King's Quest now, I think that maybe the fans are letting all of the "Game of the Year" awards go to their heads. The success of The Walking Dead is certainly good for Telltale. But one success does not a video game giant make. And I doubt they'd take it as a sign that they should abandon the types of games that have gotten them this far. The way I see it, King's Quest is pretty much right in Telltale's wheelhouse.
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