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What is the most horrible ending you can think of

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Mine: Clementine must shoot both her parents alive and well to escape with the group or have sex with him and everyone escapes

Remember this is your most horrible ending you can think off
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  • Not really a really bad ending but no point in trying to top the others. Christa has a miscarriage, the baby zombifies and chews Christa's stomach open. Christa thens becomes a zombie and kills Omid.
  • Rozzer616;772261 said:
    Not really a really bad ending but no point in trying to top the others. Christa has a miscarriage, the baby zombifies and chews Christa's stomach open. Christa thens becomes a zombie and kills Omid.
    xD christas grandparents jump into the room all ninja style ( they watch kung fu movies? ) but its too late they're dead. the noise of the glass shattering caused omid and christa ( zombies) to attack them.
  • The ending we got, except Clementine fails to fight off that cop zombie, gets eaten, Lee's watch on in horror for a minute, then turns into a zombie himself and eats what's left of Clementine. Cue credits!


    That would have been an ending that rivals even The Human Condition in sheer soul shattering bleakness.
  • If you chose to have Clem walk away from Lee in season 1, he shows up at the end of season 2 as a walker and eats her.

    Seriously. If Telltale were to pull a stunt like that, it wouldn't be "ballsy" or "daring". It would just be cruel and sadistic.
  • BlankCanvasDJ;724791 said:
    I think this might be the reason Kenny will survive to the end of the game. Telltale knows if they kill him, everyone is just going to yell this at their screens.

    And how many Mass Effect 3 jokes can we fit into one thread?

    Worst ending I can think of? Everyone in the group dies one by one during the trip to the Marsh House. Finally, Lee, starting to feel the effects of his bite, staggers into the building alone. Inside the doorway is a large staircase. At the top of the stairs stands Campman, laughing. Lee demands the he gives Clementine back. Campman obliges and tosses Lee her severed head. Enraged, Lee chases Campman up the stairs. He finally catches up to him on the roof, tackling him. With his hands around Campman's throat, Lee demands to know why this man took everything away from him. Campman reveals that he had absolutely no motive, it was just fun. With no more humanity left, Lee savagely beats Campman until his face is caved in. Once that's done, he gets up and staggers to the edge of the roof. He looks down and sees that the herd has made it to the Marsh House and there's a crowd of walkers filling the whole street. Lee cries and whispers "For Clementine" and then steps off the roof to his death. Credits.

    But that's just off the top of my head.
    Holy shit, that's dark.

    Nowwwww, Time for some fluffy fanfiction
  • CarScar;772129 said:
    Worst ending

    Lee: "Ben... You... You take care of Clementine."
    Ben: "You got it Lee!"
    Clementine: "Oh good god..."

    Next season you play as... Ben!!!! DUN DUN DUN.
    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Clem would probably shoot Ben xD
  • The cure for the virus gets discovered.
  • Out of grief, Clementine kills herself; however Lee is somehow immune and wakes up and finds her body, but shoots himself again, but then he comes back again and a never-ending cycle.
  • Zombie Lee killing Clem. :(
  • Off the top of my head: Clem faints and Kenny thinks she's bitten/dead and tries to kill her while she is clearly alive. Lee tries to stop him but Kenny locks him out the room while he kills Clem. Kenny comes out his hands covered in blood after bashing her head in with his salt lick which he kept ever since the meat locker (his has really big pockets just like Lee) in a blind rage Lee kills Kenny by shooting him in the balls (several times) and then in the head (worst way Kenny could die). Christa goes into labor but the baby is stuck so Lee has to cut her open to get the baby out so Christa dies of blood loss (Ricks wife scenario in the tv series) so Lee has stap in her head because he has no bullets left. Omid is depressed and see no point going on any more and decides to shoot the baby because he thinks he can't look after her (its a her) in a awful world like that but instead turns the gun on himself leaving Lee on his on with the baby which he names Clementine. Lee tries to raise the child as best he can but gives up hope so he carries the baby towards a herd of walkers and is eaten alive. Suddenly Lee wakes up on the boat with Clem and the rest of the group and there already sailing on the ocean and it was all a dream but then the boat becomes over flown by water and Ben says that he made a hole in the boat but didn't tell anyone so everyone drowns. Thee End and Ben gets everyone killed.... Again.
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