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What is the most horrible ending you can think of

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Mine: Clementine must shoot both her parents alive and well to escape with the group or have sex with him and everyone escapes

Remember this is your most horrible ending you can think off
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  • A cliffhanger ending.
  • Kenny finds out he is actually an Interplanetary Ninja Assassin after he gets amnesia from crashing on the planet,and takes over the world using the zombies as his undead army.
  • Maybe there will be a choice to save all walkers but all humans are controlled or evryone dies.

    God damn this year has been shit for game endings.
  • Luigi01080;724296 said:
    too much mass effect 3 man :D.

    the worst ending would be lee finding clementine who was raped, killed, and slowly being roasted over a fire about to be eaten by campman and his cannibals.

    Not the queen
  • Probably the cannon one, knowing Telltale. Horrible meaning sad, not low-quality.
  • They meet up with ricks group and are accepted. Then the game will collide with the tv series making it all the more interesting.

    The truly worst ending is if lee never finds clementine and kenny christa omid and Ben do find her raped burnt killed cooked in pieces and parts of her have been fed to a bunch of walkers to keep them tamed by campman/radiobitch and they approach them. Christa then gives birth and the baby is thrown by Ben at the walkers and eaten. Christa and omid kill Ben via stabbing him and shooting him and they cry. Kenny leaves them to mourn and the walkers eat them. Kenny finds lee and doesn't tell him about clem while 100000000000 walkers approach them and surround them in an alley. Kenny says to lee to go find clem and lee says he's not leaving him. Molly helps them up and onto the roof. Molly has clem leaving lee to think it was her. Turns out that the clem from before was a doll. The guy that took her was Herschel who with his infinite ammo shotgun shoots them all and they fall off the roof while still alive when walkers come in and eat them

    Ps Molly had clem because she took her to find her parents as she begged and begged. They find them and clem has to shoot them because they are walkers
  • Lee discovers he's secretly a pedophile and Clementine realizes that she has a fetish for older men.
  • he can control the Zombies and help rebuild civilization but he will be destroyed.
  • Lee wakes up in the cop car at jail. And I was all a dream.
  • Corcline27;761689 said:
    Lee wakes up in the cop car at jail. And I was all a dream.
    would we better than him dying.
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