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What is the most horrible ending you can think of

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Mine: Clementine must shoot both her parents alive and well to escape with the group or have sex with him and everyone escapes

Remember this is your most horrible ending you can think off
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  • Clem and a non bitten Lee being eaten alive by Clem's parents.
  • Fezzan wrote: »
    Lee gets to the Mash house and sees the man who kidnapped Clem.
    He is a Blue child who controls the zombies and Lee must now free clementine but to do so he must do one of the following:
    destroy the zombies which also kills all adults leaving children to rebuild the world, or he can control the Zombies and help rebuild civilization but he will be destroyed.
    Finally he can unite zombies and human DNA to create the best possible future.

  • Omid dies...Worst.ending.ever -.-
  • -Aliens
    -Religious mumbo jumbo
    -'t Was all a dream
    -The US gets nuked
    -'Sopranos' fade-away

    This would all be horrible.
  • Zombie Ben comes back and screws things up... Again!
  • Omid dies...Worst.ending.ever -.-

    NOOOOO! *ragequit* (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
  • Oh my god, they killed Kenny!

    I yelled that when he died. Lots of people were waiting for that! :D

    -You've been, by yourself through all this?
  • Accidentally getting your entire group killed including a kid and then hanging onto a friend's arm for dear life and he gives no shits about you because you failed so utterly so you have to deal with a moment of utter failure before you get dropped 3 stories and break both of your legs and then have your chest ripped out by zombies and devoured but you don't die immediately and you have to suffer through being eaten alive and you can't do anything.

    Oh wait, I think that was someone's ending...
  • just like the normal ending except when lee tells clementine to shoot him clementine tells lee before killing him that she is responsible for the walker outbreak and then it ends,after the credits you find out that clementine missed you,you crawl back to omid and christa and tell them then you die,in season 2 you act as either omid or christa and your mission is finding clem and killing her so it all stops and season 2 ends in clementine killing them all and having a diabolical laugh(muhahahaha)and in season 3 you go as rick and you must find her and kill her since someone told you in season 2 about her,then at the end you fall for the sweet cry of clementine then when you don't pay attention she grabs your gun and tries to kill you and you react in slow motion and grab it and then you kill her,but the outbreak doesn't stop and in the her final breaths clementine tells you it was all a joke to make lee laugh in his final moments
    xD xD xD xD
    :D :D :D :D
  • aaron1290 wrote: »
    Lee turning and eating clem...

    that was basically my biggest worry when we found out they were locked in a small room, it was like the meat locker all over again but with no kenny and his salt lick
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