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[TWD] Saves not Carrying Over/Bugging Out

posted by Zombiedude101 on - Viewed by 179 users
So uh, I've got the Steam version of the Walking Dead and recently I've been having a major issue. Not long ago I had a PC wipe which forced me to reinstall and replay the game, and I'd finished Episode 2, only to find a bug when trying to load Episode 3. So, I figured that if I uninstalled the game, then reinstalled it, it'd fix it. So, I did, but when I finished Episode 1, all the choices I'd made were shown in the Episode 2 'Previously, on the Walking Dead' clip as the EXACT opposite of the choices I'd actually made.

So, I went with a friend's suggestion to completely wipe the game folders including the saves. Replayed Episode 1, then when I got to the 'previously' thing once again it all started to look well. Up until the part where I saved Carly. Instead, it showed me as saving Doug, which I don't want. So, a suggestion to fix this? I want to fix this ASAP so I'm ready for when Episode 5 is released.
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