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So... Idea?

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Do you think it'd be a good idea for telltale to release a DLC after episode 5 to show what happend inbetween that 3 month gap? cause this is a game about struggle and survival, and all we got for news in that 3 months is "You had enough food for ALL of us, and now that food is gone" I'd love to see more Mark, how they met him, More Lee and Clem binding and possibly have the ability to have more impact on the episodes. maybe call it like Episode 1.5 or something?
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  • This would be like Mass Effect 3's DLC. No fun to keep developing characters, when you know their ending.

    I'm all for more walking dead from telltale, but honestly the reason they skipped those months in the game was because close to nothing exciting happened during that period of time. There's little point in going back in time to further flesh out characters that are going to die.
  • DLC would just make me feel like i didn't get the full game and my opinion of the game would be reduced

    unless i got it free with the season pass, but unless it effected the rest of the game it would seem out of place and a totally different story in a bubble in the middle of the game
  • I like the idea, but it's impractical.
  • I think if anything really interesting happened during that time, they'd have put it in the game originally. Keep in mind that in Episode 2 the group is still fairly trusting of outsiders, they still don't know that it's not the bite that turns you, they don't know anything about the bandits in the woods. I got the feeling that they really didn't do a whole lot during those three months.
  • Could be interesting, but if it's DLC would it be like 1 Microsoft point?
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