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If you could chop off you're arm, would you?

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If you had the chance, would you? You and the group go to Vernon's bunker to find it empty. All that is left is a very sharp machete and some bandages. Someone suggests that cutting off you're own arm could slow or even stop the infection and give you more time. Another person suggests that it could do nothing, the infection could have spread to the rest of you're body by now and all it will do is cripple you and make is so much harder to rescue Clem. What do you do?

I think it would be an interesting choice, especially as we have no idea which is the right decision to make. What would you guys do?
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  • I wouldn't chop it then, you have to chop off your limp (because in the chest or neck would kill you right then) very quickly, like in 10 seconds after you get bit, but Lee didn't know of that and didn't chop his hand in time, so he's officialy dead. So no, it would only make things harder to get to Clemmy.
  • I'd never do that.
    Not because of the pain, it is hopeless in such an urgent condition.
    Girl is taken, walkers are all around, and it has possibly spread all my body... Nah, it is not a "worth risk", I think it is such a foolish delaying action.

    I'd die with my honor with all my parts on, I suppose :)

    P.S: Oh, and chopping some limbs is much popular in these days thank the comics and tv-series but in real life, it is not that easy. We are not lacertians and an arm is not a tale.
    Besides, it is likely to end it with a sudden death by a wrong fatal strike.

    Team Lilly! :D
  • probably not. I would have no idea what to do, I can't just go around cutting off arms and legs xd
  • If we are talking about saving Clem then i wouldnt chop off my arm, it would take weeks for you to heal.

    If i had a docter with me and all the time to heal, i would take the risk. i would first be put too sleep before chopping it off. No way i would chop it off while being awake, dont have the balls :p
  • Not worth it. Oh and, Not to be a dick here... But *your.
  • If they waited that long to suggest it, instead of at the initial moment.. I'd likely gut them for keeping important info to themselves.
  • I would cut my upper skin/hip that was bitten immediately and keep on taking pills/antibiotics, then I pray for myself, it's worth a shot, I am never hopeless. What if that worked out? What if that saved you? Atleast better than staring at it screaming "WTFF BYE BYE LIFE LOL!", everything is possible, it's better than nothing at all.
  • What if,
    Choosing "the radio" or "Clem's hat" before bitten has a major importance on Lee's life?
    I know he is bitten one way or another and the developers already said that there is only one ending.
    But I wish personally, there was a difference. Like players who aimed for the hat -like me- has a better chance for survival because they pretended as they cared Clem much more than the radioman. :P

    Anyway, I'm not too serious; a bite is a bite.
  • Nah, Lee will no doubt need both his hands to save Clem.
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