fix chapter 3 before you release more broken product

chapter 3 will not work even after i beat it, even after i moved saves from slot 1 to slot 3 which in fact changed the content of my save now people treat me like i took the supplies from the station wagon at the end of chapter 2 evn though i didnt and the stats from chapter 2 say i didnt, i tried alll night to fix the problem some panda guy told me to move saves from slot 1 to slot 3 it sounded stupid because it is the game will still restart from chappter 1 no matter what i do, this is such a big problem that i wonder how you could release a chapter 4 without addressing the gaping waste of time that is chapter 3, i dont think it was the way i exited the game because all idid was pause and exit to main menu then exit to arcade via the main menu the way i always do, im very upset with the customer service its like you dont care even though chapter 3 ruined my chapter 1 and 2 progress all i keep hearing about are the problems with chapter 4 do any of the chapters work past chapter 2 i know my chapter 1 and 2 dont work anymore chapter 3 never worked, i keep reading terrible things about chapter 4 and i still havent heard from anyone that can help me, more importantly i havent heard from a single employee this customer service has been a joke and the fact that chapter 3 has been out with not so much as an update that coupled with the fact that everybody i have ever talked to who made to chapter3 in the walking dead have all faced this glitch, shows that tell tales doesnt care once tell tales has your money, redeem yourself


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    We are still investigating this issue, but are aware of it. Though we have not been able to reproduce this locally, we did find a solution to a similar issue on another platform and are hoping to use that knowledge to diagnose this problem. While I'm sure the user named panda guy had good intentions, often times user posted solutions can lack steps or detail in their explanation, or work for some people over others are they may not be the same issue. Based on your explanation, I believe your issue is that you load your save and the game restarts Episode 1, correct? If this is the case, another user discovered that if they copied their save from slot 1 to an empty slot 3, then loaded their save from slot 1, selected the last episode where they made save progress (Episode 3, in your case), then their game would continue from their last save point. Since we have not been able to recreate this issue, we are not sure if this will work. However, this process does not overwrite any existing information, so it is worth trying.
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    Punctuation and grammar, do you know what they are?

    And yes, the whole "copying save from slot 1 to 3 thing" has worked, for me and several others, but as Matt said, is a user-generated solution. In any case, it's worth a try, since if you don't try it, you're still stuck with a completely reset file.
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