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TWD help with gamepad controls

posted by Skylight on - last edited - Viewed by 432 users
Hi everyone.

I know that only supported gamepads are from MS (X360) and Logitech, but somehow the game detects my Saitek P990 Dual Analog Pad as an X360 pad. The only problem is that the controls are messed up, I'll try to explain:

Here is the default button comparison between X360/P990:


But in this game it's like this:


and there is no way to change this. So when it says that I should press A, I actually need to press X (or 1 in this case). It's confusing because the game recognizes it as a X360 pad and shows X360 buttons in-game and turning them off in options does nothing. I'm not using any gamepad emulation software (I did try x360ce and Xpadder, but the game overrides them).

So I ask you, is there any way to disable gamepad detection so I could use Xpadder and set the keys the way I want?
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