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[TWD] 28 hrs of gaming gone? Suggestion 4 TellTale staff

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Gamers can I get a +1 post from anyone else who would feel cheated if their only option to recover from lost games is to start over or play episodes was with random data?

I loved The Walking Dead seriesput out on xBox 360. I liked it so much I had active games going on all 3 save slots so that I could explore the various content you have written for the story paths chosen by the gamer.

Very cool that the story adapts to my choices.

Sadly with the glitch that started happening with Episode 4 all 3 save slots have reverted back to Episode 1.

Is there any hope of recovering my saved data?

I do not care to play though the earlier episodes for a 5th 6th and 7th time to recreate my previously earned saved games.

I also DO NOT WISH TO USE RANDOM DATA for episode 5 since it defeats the purpose of the game that molded itself based on my choices. Telltale touted the adapting game play as a major attraction for this title so you really should feel a bit sheepish about suggesting the random data route to us.

I have a feeling you will tell us all we are out of luck on getting our saved games back so I have a suggestion for you....

Suggestion: Rather than only giving us the option of playing episode 5 with random data, give us a few options that note the key choices that programed into the data that would have been earned on another play though. Make sure the options are different on the key story points to give us the best chance of seeing the various content you create for episode 5 without having to invest another 30 hours playing though 3 save slots of data again.

Idea # 2: Build a optional tool that gamers could use to only access the parts of each episode that alter future content. This way we could recreate the previous games we played through without watching hours of computer graphics for each save slot. This would be very handy for a completionist like myself who wants to see all of the content you have written for each main story route built.

Please advise if any of these can be looked into. Thanks for your time and work.
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    MattP Telltale Staff
    We are looking into this issue, and hope to have a patch available in the future. unfortunately we have not been able to recreate this issue locally. If you have any information you can provide on what you did and when your save restarted Episode 1, this will help us track down the issue.

    In the meantime, if you select the save you wish to play, then select the last Episode you played (for example, Episode 4) on that save and hit Play, then game should start you at that Episode (by example, Ep 4). Once there the Episode will start from the beginning, so exit to the Main Menu, and tab back over to that Episode (Ep 4 by example) and the Continue button should be available. Also, if you select Rewind, you should see all the available checkpoints, up to where you last left off.
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