Season Two frustrations

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I loved Sam & Max Hit the Road so I was thrilled to find new adventures available for my iPad. But this "Season Two" started out merely OK and has gone steadily downhill -- I'm on "Chariots of the Dogs" now and I can honestly say that I actively HATE it.

The game is just too damn complicated. Who can figure all this shit out? I can't. What's more, who cares? It's not even funny anymore. It's just a frustrating, boring waste that's IMPOSSIBLE to solve without the walkthrough, and where's the fun in that?

I already spent the money to get season three through Steam, so I hope to god it's better than this time-waster.


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    I am completely honestly puzzled because Sam and Max Hit the Road was honestly 10x times harder.
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    Maybe it's harder just because you're playing it on the iPad, which Telltale wasn't thinking about when they designed that season. Anyway, go ahead and turn the hints level all the way up. Season 3 is quite a bit different, so maybe you'll like it better, but some things in it won't make sense unless you complete Season 2.
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    You've played Hit The Road, and you find Season 2 to be harder?
    No way.
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    Yes, actually. I'd have never gotten that damn volcano to erupt without the walkthrough. And in episode three, who could ever figure out that endgame? Not in a MILLION YEARS would I have thought to do the things you have to do to finish off that vampire.

    The frustration I felt at the end of episode three was only made worse by the mind-numbing BOREDOM of episode four!

    Honestly, in episode after episode you go to the same four locations and speak to the same four people and there's some stupid thing going on that isn't even funny... I mean, the whole mariachi thing. Did ANYONE think that was funny? They were already on soft ground, because who cares what happens to Bosco?

    I MIGHT have figured out the business of moving around the dates on the calendar if my brain hadn't been so sopped by the futility and un-funniness of the thing. I'm in the final chapter of season two right now, and Sam and Max are standing around looking dumb, and I know that I should be walking around to the same four locations and talking to the same four people. But there's just no incentive to try and figure all this arcane BS out, I'm not amused anymore, and I think I'll just go to the walkthrough and play it out that way, be done with the bloody stupid thing. Telltale have accomplished the impossible with this season: they've made Sam & Max INSIPID.
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    I don't really get where you're coming from as I didn't have trouble with the puzzles (though I'll admit some are challenging you are given adequate hints through dialogue or the hint system) and I did care enough about Bosco to see what was happening to him and try to fix it. We also appear to have a vastly different idea of comedy as Season Two has remained my favorite of the TTG series thus far for that reason, especially Episode 5.
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    I'm pretty sure the creators thought they were making something funny.
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