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Mention of Surfin the Highway in Gameinformer!

posted by Kaldire on - last edited - Viewed by 346 users
Just flipping through my gameinformer.. making me sad I dont yet have new consoles.. and there in the middle is a page of retrostuffs... on the right the picture of the "not real" cover for the new surfin.. and a paragraph on it!

Hope no one has mentioned it yet or im double posting.

Gameinformer DEC 07 issue.
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  • Does the issue indeed mention that it's only $20, as rumored?
  • Yep indeed! I will get a picture and upload it asap unless someone zaps it up faster.
    EDIT : the picture is just an enlarged pic from the telltale store.

    paragraph reads

    For those who think radiation gives you super strength, not cancer"

    Sam & Max collection

    Sam & Max may be splitting sides and skulls on PC nowadays, but you may not know the started off doing the same thing in comic books. This 200-page book collects a lot of that early work, and includes some nice new content like several full-color paintings, an author's note, a couple of new comics not found in the original collection, and promotional ads for the first Sam & Max Freelance Police from 1987

  • Does the issue indeed mention that it's only $20, as rumored?
    Psst -- it says in the store that it'll be $19.99. ;)

    Game Informer sent us some copies of the magazine a couple of days ago. We were all surprised (but very pleased) with the largeness of the picture. :D Also we've had more people than usual writing in asking about the book, which is probably due to the article.
  • The store is a rumour. The store musn't be used as official confirmation.
  • Plus, Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis are writing the Ghostbusters game! Awesome!
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