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Hey, Telltale!

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First and foremost, I wanted to congratulate you and thank you for making such an awesome game. I look forward to this every time a new episode comes out, and so does my dad because even if he can't play (doesn't like the format, is more of a retro guy) he likes TWD and is happy he got to see the story.

Throughout it, the game has had a great story and I can't wait to find out more about Lee (at the very least, I hope we do) today, when it releases in my country.

However, I do have a few things to say.


Those are things that have been major problems in Episodes 1-4. I'm hoping there's no glitches this time, but if there are, it's the fifth and final installment! I can wait.

I politely and humbly ask you, as well as a lot of others, I'd think, to please focus on those three things if you make another season or release another game with the same monthly format. There were a lot of jimmies rustled in the process of this game, and as much as we all love it and are happy we're getting it today and tomorrow, they can't be ignored.

For example:

Please test your games more thoroughly. A few of the glitches we've had in the PS3 version (my own, I can't speak for other systems) have been so major that they shouldn't have made it to release, like in Episode 3, I believe, when Katjaa was holding nothing and a major game-breaking glitch occurred while playing as Lee on the train, when everything disappeared and apparently flipped upside down. I was able to play it after multiple retries, but it was frustrating after the already long wait. There have been others, but they aren't coming to mind right now.

Release dates are also very important. I know that there's a qualification/etc process, different for each region, but it's hard to go about advertising a game that says 'releases every month' when for EU users they didn't even get a date until way after we did. I know you guys got a lot of abuse from the players because PC, Mac, Xbox, PS3 (all regions) did not release at the same time. It's not really about that -- Myself, personally, I have seen on various blogging websites after a few hours had passed (enough to play through an episode) that people do not like to keep spoilers to themselves.

Before anyone says 'just don't use those websites', some of us have to for work or otherwise! Please, the internet is not just a recreational tool and it made me very unhappy to catch spoilers when Xbox got it before we did. (Note: This is not a dig to the other platforms, just a gentle reminder that release dates are more than a little important in games and it's better for EVERYONE'S experience that we ALL get it at the same time, maybe not to the minute but at least in a 24 hour time frame).

Also, as a final note, communication! Communication is key, guys. So, so many people were so very upset because for long periods of time they got little to no response from your team about what was going on. Eventually they gave a blog post, but a lot of us purchased it on the faith that it would release monthly. I'll admit it got out of hand, and that by purchasing an episodic game you purchase the problems that may happen, but I guarantee you that if you would have been more up-front and honest with us... Maybe you wouldn't have gotten so much BS for it? Nobody wanted to be angry, we just wanted to know what's going on, as it's our money that's funded this, after all!

These are just things to consider, but disregarding all of it, you have done a WONDERFUL job with the game. I have enjoyed every minute I've played, as well as various playthroughs. Earlier I saw a video on YouTube titled 'Scumbag Lee' -- hilarious, until you got to Clementine, but I think I'll do that after I've finished with Episode 5!

Thank you so, so much for making this game. I hope that you make another, because this was a VERY well-spent 20 dollars on my end! It has been enjoyable, even with the various wait times and problems! If you do make another TWD game or anything else survival horror-related, I would definitely pick it up the moment I had the cash.

Thank you!
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  • well said...let's hope someone reads it.
  • Yeah, man. I've personally ran into four game breaking bugs in the PS3 version over the first four episodes(Ep2 not starting/deleting all saves, ep4 deleting all saves, and episode 3 not recognizing ep2 as completed), the last of which I'm still stuck on at episode five's release day.
  • I must be the luckiest person ever. I haven't run into any bugs, apart from save data's deleted once, and I didn't mind because I would of had just as much fun replaying them.
  • Yup, guess I'm a lucky one also, haven't lost any saves (backup online anyways) and the only glitch came on the train in Ep.3.
  • I especially had a problem with the communication. Telltale hardly update their blog, leaving all of us in the EU essentially in the dark about when we would get our game on psn.
    I'd like them to at least update or edit the post when they actaully know when it is realeased, because otherwise it seems like we don't really matter.
    You guys redeemed yourself by actually having and announcing the EU psn realease dates along with the NA reigon, too. Either you've finally learned or already had this planned to begin with. Please keep this up for season 2!!

    Can't wait to play Ep5, but I'm only 1/4 through Ep2 thanks to the "corrupt save files" bug--(leading into the glitches problem) So PLEASE leave a clear message stating you can keep your saves and wait for a patch BEFORE you release it!
  • I thought I was one of the lucky ones with no problems. I played through episode 4 without any major issues, but then I tried to start a second file to make some different choices and I've had nothing but problems since. It seems as if I'll have to play through the game making the same decisions three times if I want to see the conclusion to my story. I've continued to have problems after the so called "patch." These glitches with save files ruin the game. This is absolutely NOT the game of the year for that reason alone. I'll give them an A+ on the story, but they have ruined my experience. They've lost me as a customer and I'll be sure to warn anyone I know interested in this game.
  • i've also had no issues with the game, except that i had to download ep4 manually and theres some minor graphic glitches. but that's really not a problem.
    so i'd like to use this thread to just say thank you to the great people of telltale games for this awesome game. you really captured the feel of the original comic series and i hope you'll be able to do so for another couple of stunning seasons!
    thank you very much! ;)
  • Don't forget the inverted mouse/pointer option!
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