Why can't I play episodes 2-5 of The Walking Dead

Everything has been fine through episode 4 for me and I have been anxiously anticipating episode 5. I finally got it downloaded, installed the patch and started the game.....and now the only episode where 'play' shows is #1. My last game save on PS3 is from 10/9 when I completed #4. Don't tell me I have to play through all of the episodes again just to get to 5.


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    Happening to lots of people, doubt you will get a meaningful reply nothing they can really do its not like they store your saves on their server.

    One of reasons i will always play if possible on PC first, ability to backup shit.

    You know when you uninstall a game on the PS3, does it keep your saves? Maybe you could try the reinstall, maybe a fault in the install. Havnt used a console in years so forgive my ignorance on that.
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    I installed the game as I had formatted the pc recently and then copy pasted my back up files I had before formatting and when I entered the game it showed to episode 5(GET) without any saves. Then I just re-copied the back-up and all the saves were there. The only issue I have now is the same that of episode 4. connection lost :S
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    I deleted the entire game last night and let it and all episodes re-download and re-install overnight. I made sure I was online when I downloaded the patch this morning and was able to finally pick up where I left off after episode #4. I was so relieved!

    I am sorry for the very nasty reaction that I had last night when I thought I was going to have to start all over. I wish I would have just waited and tried this before I reacted.

    I give Telltale a lot of credit for creating such a moving and cool game experience. Thank you very much...and I hope there is a 2nd season.
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    When you launch the game and press 'Continue' on the title screen, the game will check our servers for Episode state. On rare occassions (usually during times like this when a lot of people are logging onto the game at the same time), the request can timeout and show all episodes as coming soon. If you exit to the dashboard and restart the game, this should resolve the issue.

    Also, if you have Playstation Plus (or Xbox Live Gold), you can store your save games in the Cloud and bring them down on any console you are logged into with your profile.
  • Mattp.same issue on android .how to fix this.

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    @morgansmith If you are currently playing The Walking Dead: Season One on an Android device, can you please clarify if you have purchased the Multi-Pack for Episodes 2-5 from the Episodes Menu inside the game application? If you have, please make sure that you have downloaded and installed each episode by tapping the 'Get' button next to each one in the Episodes Menu after you have purchased the Multi-Pack.

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    Mattp.same issue on android .how to fix this.

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